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Why a certification according to ISO 27001 pays off

Digitalization is progressing further and further – with all its advantages and risks. Avoiding it has become virtually impossible for businesses. That is why it is important to know how to successfully use the chances that industry 4.0 brings with it while at the same time repelling the threats. Regulations for the security of information technology are playing a big role in this. One of them is the ISO 27001 – but why is a certification according to specifically this guideline worthwhile? (more…)

Why a certification according to ISO 27001 pays off2017-04-07T09:30:41+02:00

May we introduce: The new enhanced MultiSensor-DOOR

Our innovative door sensor in mini-format with its 6 integrated sensors secures your rooms against burglary, tampering and critical climate factors. Installing the sensor is easy: Simply affix it on doors and windows. In the past months we have worked hard to make it even better. Now, the MultiSensor-DOOR offers not only a new optimized design, but also several improved functions. (more…)

May we introduce: The new enhanced MultiSensor-DOOR2017-04-07T09:17:56+02:00

New DoorLock Function: Video Recording of Access

Kentix expands portfolio for Smart Building Security market

Kentix is responding to the trend toward integrated Smart Building Security concepts and added new features to its portfolio. Besides monitoring tools for the protection of IT infrastructures, Kentix also offers a smart access control system. This access control system, the „Kentix DoorLock“, now has a new function available: Bookings on the door opener automatically trigger an IP camera that records pictures and saves them in the dashboard. (more…)

New DoorLock Function: Video Recording of Access2017-10-24T14:35:01+02:00

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi

Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. is the largest security company in Central Africa. Around 24.000 employees work here to provide security for companies or at official receptions in all of Eastern and Central Africa. The ever growing IT infrastructure of the company is, however, faced with many threats in Africa. That is why Kenya Kazi Services Ltd. has decided to install a system for 360° environmental monitoring and therefore secure its IT which is so important for the daily workflow and business processes. (more…)

Kentix in Africa – IT-Monitoring in Nairobi2017-04-24T09:39:34+02:00

Access securely linked on the entire factory premises

The building company Steffen Holzbau with its head office in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, is, according to its slogan, building the future. Since the foundation in 1991, the factory premises have been continually expanded. By now, in addition to an arch model house serving as the office block, there are a workshop and a passive house as well. In order to secure the high-quality sites against burglary, theft and tampering, Steffen Holzbau is now counting on the smart access control system by Kentix, the Kentix DoorLock®. Due to the overall integration, all critical areas are now protected against non authenticated access with only one system, from the parking lot with its gate all the way into the server room.


Access securely linked on the entire factory premises2018-03-07T14:57:22+01:00

The new comfortable way of becoming a Silver-Partner: Live Webinars

News_Live Webinare Jetzt können Sie noch einfacher und schneller zum zertifizierten Kentix-Partner werden: Unsere Produkttrainings halten wir seit Juni 2016 nicht mehr vor Ort, sondern direkt online ab. So können Sie sich bequem vom Schreibtisch aus zum Silber-Partner zertifizieren lassen und ab sofort exklusive Vorteile genießen. Nutzen Sie als zertifizierter Partner spezielle NFR-Angebote für rabattierte Demo-Kits, unser umfangreiches Marketingpaket, professionelle Sales Unterstützung und das Kentix Certified Partner Logo für Ihre Kommunikation. (more…)

The new comfortable way of becoming a Silver-Partner: Live Webinars2017-10-04T10:07:31+02:00

New components for Online Access Control System Kentix DoorLock

The online access control system Kentix DoorLock® now offers more versions of contact-free online door openers. Together with the online door lever and the online wall reader the system now becomes a complete building kit that offers the matching product for any application. From data centers and IT racks over office and administrative rooms up to industrial sites and remote IT infrastructure, your entire IT is reliably secured against burglary, sabotage and non authenticated access to critical areas. (more…)

New components for Online Access Control System Kentix DoorLock2017-05-16T16:23:50+02:00

360° environmental monitoring – for a maximum of IT security

About half of all IT blackouts are caused by physical threats such as over temperature, fire, humidity or leakage. Compared to outages that are caused by software errors, the downtime of servers after a physical threat has struck is usually longer and the costs of repairing damage are higher. Yet most IT infrastructure is not sufficiently protected against physical threats.


360° environmental monitoring – for a maximum of IT security2017-11-29T15:21:32+01:00

Kentix expands demo-center in Alling, Germany

Kentix and sysob IT-Distribution work together for joint success

Idar-Oberstein, February 29, 2016 +++ Kentix, manufacturer of professional IT monitoring solutions, is expansing its demo-center in Alling near Munich, Germany. The demo-center, which offers live demonstrations of all Kentix products, has been set up in December 2015. Now, it has equipped with the newest Kentix product, the online access control Kentix DoorLock®, as well as additional information material. (more…)

Kentix expands demo-center in Alling, Germany2017-10-24T11:58:52+02:00

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