410, 2019

Firmware update for SmartAccess brings new functions

With the new SmartAccess firmware update additional free and very cool features have been added. Such an update once again impressively demonstrates how future-proof and investment-safe a Kentix system is in practice. […]

1609, 2019

Kentix works with Yubikey

No matter whether it’s securing external or internal doors, IT racks, distributors or gate systems. With the Kentix DoorLock system, we offer a locking solution for every door. If you already have RFID media in use, they can easily be used in our system. […]

1507, 2019

DustSensor measures the degree of contamination in the data center and IT rack

With the DustSensor, we have launched a new expansion sensor for our SmartMetering area. The small sensor, measuring only 79×44 mm, optically measures deposit dust on a surface. As with other Kentix expansion sensors, it is connected via the Plug’n’Play RJ45 connector via the Kentix system socket. The detection sensitivity can be adjusted directly on the sensor. […]

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