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SmartXcan protects residents, staff and visitors

The Corona crisis has the entire care system and thus also the residents and staff of the house “Am Königsfloß” firmly under control. The SmartXcan makes it possible to check the body temperature already at the entrance of the nursing home.


SmartXcan protects residents, staff and visitors2020-05-14T15:33:37+02:00

Kentix SmartXcan makes an effective contribution against virus spreading

Body temperature measurement reinvented – secure, intuitive, fast and EUGDPR compliant

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Idar-Oberstein, 06.04.2020 +++ Kentix GmbH, manufacturer of professional smart building security solutions for the physical security of business-critical infrastructures, is expanding its product range: With the IoT based Kentix SmartXcan, Kentix makes an innovative, effective and efficient contribution to the global COVID 19 crisis. The new Kentix SmartXcan provides reliable body temperature measurement for healthcare, public institutions, business and leisure facilities, among others. The handling is fast, intuitive and self-explanatory, the results reliable and accurate. The measurement is automated and contactless – thus safe for the user. A EUGDPR-compliant operation is possible due to self measurement. The Kentix SmartXcan is used at access points to crowded areas and can be ideally combined with physical access solutions depending on the application. In the short term, the spread of viral diseases can be effectively contained at a manageable system cost of € 695 (plus VAT) and easy installation. In the medium term, the restoration of social contacts can be made possible and in the long term, the confidence of the population in public safety can be restored.

Kentix SmartXcan makes an effective contribution against virus spreading2020-04-14T11:03:28+02:00

Kentix Virtual Expo – The exhibition comes to you

We bring the fair to you!
Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Light + Building has been postponed until September. However, we did not want to wait that long with the presentation of our products and therefore started our own virtual exhibition exclusively for you…


Kentix Virtual Expo – The exhibition comes to you2020-04-07T17:31:00+02:00

Is it possible to detect a fire days before it breaks out?

The new Kentix MultiSensor with its innovative features offers brilliant possibilities for early fire detection.
Granted, our new MultiSensor ain’t no robot dog with a highly sensitive nose. At least not in this form…


Is it possible to detect a fire days before it breaks out?2020-02-25T09:48:17+01:00

Count people with the new Kentix MultiSensor

The unveiling of our first innovation in 2020 is fast approaching. At light+building in Frankfurt we will present a world innovation among the MultiSensors. It is already clear that our new product with 770 new sensors will definitely score points in securing system-critical infrastructures. How exactly, we’re not telling yet.
But today we are already revealing another secret about our new MultiSensor.


Count people with the new Kentix MultiSensor2020-02-25T09:50:24+01:00

New Kentix MultiSensor with 770 new sensors

The year 2020 is another year of innovation at Kentix. We are starting in the SmartMonitoring segment with the presentation of a top innovation at the Light & Building in March. Our MultiSensor technology, i.e. multiple sensors merged in one system, was our market launch in 2010 and is still one of our main unique selling points.


New Kentix MultiSensor with 770 new sensors2020-02-25T09:46:18+01:00

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