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We live in turbulent times. The longing for a secure, stable everyday life is great. It has never been more important for companies to protect themselves against disruptions, failures or even loss. The desire for fully comprehensive security is constantly growing among companies and operators of mission critical infrastructures. This is offset by outdated security technology. In our digitized world, companies use yesterday’s systems that are incompatible and complicated to operate.

At Kentix, we asked ourselves how to do it better. Because we are convinced that analog, cumbersome security systems have had their day in a digital world. A company should be able to take charge of its own physical security in an uncomplicated and intuitive way. Modern security technology should integrate seamlessly and adapt to the company’s processes and structures. Not the other way around.

IoT technology meets all these requirements. It was clear to us that an IoT-based security system would be a simple way for companies and entrepreneurs to secure the future of their business. Based on this conviction, we have been developing digital, intuitive security technology for more than ten years that helps companies of all sizes to protect their business against physical threats in a simple way, day after day. Our system is designed to ease the burden on people in their busy day-to-day lives. Because simplicity is the key to greater security.

Safety technology becomes simple and digital

Why we do what we do

We want to make physical security in the digital world very simple for all companies that want to minimize their risk of failure or loss. In the future, security technology should be an integral part of every company and as easy accessible as the IT. So that every company is optimally protected in a simple way in an increasingly complex world.

Simply safe

What we have achieved for others so far

It all started in the high-security sector. In 2011, we revolutionized server room monitoring with the Kentix MultiSensor Technology. With only a few components, it was possible to detect and report all significant dangers in the server room at an early stage, before expensive failures occurred. We transferred this technology from the high-security sector to building technology a few years ago. Since then, we have helped many companies to continue their business, significantly reduce risks posed by physical hazards, and thus protect their business from damage or even total loss.