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24 May. 2017 - Access control for industrial sites – storage – logistics
 (IP-based), in Application Finder EN

Access control for industry, storage and logistics
 as a hard-wired IP solution

Protection of rooms and access areas (gates, barriers) against unauthorized access with a completely IP-based solution for the administration of authorizations, time-level profiles and access logging. The door opening is done easily using RFID media and/or a PIN input to have a user specific logging. Permissions can be granted or withdrawn individually. If necessary the solution can be extended to other rooms/areas or be combined with video surveillance.

Download your planning aid here:

Planning aid download (PDF)

24 May. 2017 - Access control for office branches
 (IP-based), in Application Finder EN

Access control for offices across branches
 as a hard-wired IP solution

Protection of non-public doors in or outside the building against non- authorized access across multiple branches.

The administration of users and authorizations for single branches ought to be done centrally and integrate all sites into one system in order to keep the administration effort small.
All access is documented in a central logbook. Additionally, critical areas are to be video controlled for an even higher level of security.

The complete installation is fully IP-based, without wireless or battery- powered components.

Download your planning aid here:

Planning aid download (PDF)

24 May. 2017 - Access control for IT- and technical rooms, in Application Finder EN

Access to IT- and technical rooms
 with hard-wired wall-mounted IP readers

Your company has one or several IT- or technical rooms that are to be protected against unauthorized access.
The administration of the accesses shall be realized with a fully IP-based solution. An opening of doors can take place using RFID-media, the input of a PIN- code or as a combination of both. All accesses are logged and are subject to the configured access profiles. The installation shall be designed as a fixed wiring without wireless or battery-powered components.

Download your planning aid here:

Planning aid download (PDF)

25 Jul. 2015 - Get To Know The Matrix – and detect more than 35 critical threats, in Blog&Unkategorisiert


Kentix MultiSensor systems monitors and provide early warning of more than 35 mission critical threats.
The highlight here is, Kentix systems only needs a few system components. Which Kentix product is monitoring which risks in your IT infrastructure, clearly illustrates the new threat-matrix.
This helps you better to understand the required products and their benefits.
A physical monitoring of the IT infrastructure and the early detection of the most important risks is part of the IT basic protection.
The Kentix threat-matrix shows through which everyday hazards failed IT systems and thereby suffer high losses the companies concerned.

To find out how many threats which device detects please go to products.

Open Threat-Matrix (PDF)

21 Jul. 2015 - Job offer #1, in Jobs

Practical / working student

  • In computer science or electrical engineering
  • We offer a dynamic, future-oriented environment with friendly teammates,
    very interesting projects with the latest technology and creative work on an innovative IT application

Location: Idar-Oberstein (Germany)

21 Jul. 2015 - Job offer #2, in Jobs

Embedded Soft-Hardware Developer

(Dipl.-Ing. FH / TH computer science or electrical engineering, and graduates)

  • Development of Web- and wireless-based embedded systems
  • Monitoring of the complete hardware and software design process
  • Design of Embedded applications (Visual Studio C, C++,C#,.Net, Labview)
  • Definition and specification in cooperation with our product management

Localtion: Idar-Oberstein (Germany)