The building company Steffen Holzbau with its head office in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, is, according to its slogan, building the future. Since the foundation in 1991, the factory premises have been continually expanded. By now, in addition to an arch model house serving as the office block, there are a workshop and a passive house as well. In order to secure the high-quality sites against burglary, theft and tampering, Steffen Holzbau is now counting on the smart access control system by Kentix, the Kentix DoorLock®. Due to the overall integration, all critical areas are now protected against non authenticated access with only one system, from the parking lot with its gate all the way into the server room.

Avoid damages before they occur

Steffen Holzbau offers their customers a complete service line-up including carpenting, roofing and plumbing, whether in a new building or a restoration. The building company always keeps an eye on the future and is willing to invest in new technologies in order to keep progress going. But with continuing growth, possible threats are also increasing: Burglary or sabotage can quickly lead to image loss or to damaged buildings or even persons. Unfortunately, the building company has been faced with the risks and the consequences of burglary in the past. In order to repel this threat in the future, manager Stephan Hostert has now invested in an online access control system that allows the protection of the entire factory premises: the Kentix DoorLock®. It offers extensive security against non authenticated access and due to its linkability, it is suitable even for large projects with remote sites and IT infrastructures. More than 1500 doors and up to 2000 users with time-dependent access profiles can easily be linked to a complete online access system and if required, can be remote controlled via the Kentix360 Cloud. „The simplicity of the system is a big advantage for us“, says Stephan Hostert. „The modification of the doors was quick and easy and the administration of the system is uncomplicated as well.“

Success all along the line

The proximity to the Kentix GmbH with its head office in Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, also comes with advantages for Steffen Holzbau. In case support is required, a Kentix employee can help on-site and offer the personal service that the timber construction company also promises their customers. Manager Stephan Hostert declares: „The smart access control by Kentix offers us all the functions we need for the protection of our company. The online door knobs are usable for inner doors or, in a weather- resistant version, for outer doors as well and are easily mounted in existing doors. This way, we can monitor our entire factory premises with only one system, check critical areas at a glance and are immediately notified in case of tampering or false bookings. The expandability of the system is of great importance to a future-oriented company like ours as well.“

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