How a new PDU generation becomes the system basis in the server rack and integrates intelligent functions for monitoring, early fire detection and access control.

PDU for all-round protection in the IT rack

With the latest PDU series “SmartPDU” for all-round protection of server racks, we are taking power architecture in the data center to a whole new level. We offer a scalable all-in-one system solution for seamless monitoring of power, environment, early fire detection and rack closure.

As the central control element, the modular PDU takes over the redundant complete monitoring of all important parameters in the server rack. Required function extensions can either be mapped via hardware modules or simply enabled in the software, whereby the concept takes several redundancy levels into account. Thus, the control electronics of the PDU are supplied with PoE via the Ethernet connection and independently ensure the closing and monitoring of the rack.

Another advantage is the saving of Ethernet ports as well as the saving of additional cross-rack cabling for locking with electronic cabinet handles. The connection of the electronic rack handles or door sensors is plug’n play directly via the system port of the PDU. Thanks to the integrated multi-factor early fire detection, the “SmartPDU” also offers additional security in the data center and saves costs for external systems. The power range of the PDU series extends from 7-22 kW with calibrated current measurement and integrated RCM differential current measurement. This also allows DGUV-V3 relevant test measurements to be realized through continuous monitoring without shutdown.

In addition to the single PDUs, the series also includes dual variants with 40 U (vertical) or 2 U (horizontal). These offer an all-round security package to meet ISO 27001 requirements, especially for edge computing applications – and with manageable investment and installation costs. The IEC-LOCK locked sockets of all types ensure adequate protection against unplugging of the device connectors. This means that existing standard cables can continue to be used.

Calibrated measurement with RCM and PUE calculation

All “SmartPDU” models are equipped with calibrated power measurement of the most important power parameters. This means that the consumption data can also be used in the colocation data center for legally compliant billing. The integrated residual current monitoring (RCM) allows the required electrical equipment tests according to DGUV-V3 to be performed even without shutdown and contributes to higher electrical safety, as well as increased fire protection. The “SmartPDUs” operate according to the server-client principle. This means that one PDU (server) collects all data from the connected client PDU. In addition, the server PDU can also read out an external main power meter via Modbus Ethernet, thus enabling a direct PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) calculation. This means that one of the most important energy indicators in the data center is available without external software.

Open and license-free operating system platform from SNMP to REST-API

Like all Kentix products, the “SmartPDU” series is based on the trend-setting operating system “KentixOS”. The software integrates all open interfaces for effective management from a single rack to a large data center. All functions are available in the browser via a modern web GUI.

An important point in terms of operating costs is that “KentixOS” is license-free and future updates are available free of charge. New software versions can be easily distributed automatically to all clients via the PDU defined as a server. Thanks to SNMP V2/3 and the SNMP-MIB base, which can be easily downloaded from the PDU, integration into existing monitoring systems is very simple.

The comprehensive, event-based REST API with so-called web hooks goes one step further. This makes all PDU functions available in encrypted form via SSL/TLS and offers completely new possibilities for effective data center automation. This allows easy distribution of configurations or templates, and service technicians or Cololaction customers can be guided visually-acoustically to your racks. KentixOS supports Active Directory or LDAP, making user management and control of electronic rack handles via a central directory server a simple matter.

Highest electrical stability and optional switchable sockets

Robust power supply for servers and IT components in the rack is an absolute must. During the development of the PDU, great importance was attached to the highest electrical robustness. This means that the design is implemented with the highest quality and absolutely proven electrotechnical components far above the required nominal values. The device fuses, which are protected against faulty operation, are available with C or D characteristics and enable even the highest starting currents of high-power servers. The Kentix “SmartPDU” is, on the one hand, the continuation of standards from electrical distribution into the rack and, on the other hand, the elimination of components such as displays or indicators, which can be better and more future-proof mapped in software.

A similar philosophy is implemented with switchable sockets. In practice, switchable sockets are only needed in a few cases for certain devices. In order to avoid unnecessary relay contacts in the power supply here as well, the “SmartPDU” can be extended with a switchable connection cable where it is needed. This allows the socket – or in the case of redundant supply, the sockets for A+B – to be switched on and off automatically via the software. Via the REST API, such functions can easily be made available to the customer via service portals. In the event of a defect, the PDU’s electronics are also hot-pluggable and can be replaced without interrupting the consumers.

Project-specific individualization

Due to the modular design of the PDU, individualization in terms of equipment and design is also possible from a certain number of units onwards, in addition to the standard. For example, the PDU is available in almost all RAL colors. In addition, special socket and power configurations are possible. macos/deepLFree.translatedWithDeepL.text

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