German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania wants to test fever measurements for kindergartens and schools. Two reference stories by Kentix.

The SmartXcan automatic fever scanner is already being used successfully in two nurseries in Rhineland-Palatinate. Both the kindergarten Kunterbunt in Simmertal and the Catholic day-care centre St. Peter and Paul in Idar-Oberstein have decided to protect themselves against contagious viruses such as COVID-19 or influenza flu. As fever is a common symptom of viral infections, a SmartXcan was installed in the entrance areas of both day-care centres. This enables employees as well as parents and their children to measure their body temperature automatically and contactlessly in seconds. This ensures that no feverish persons enter the day-care centres and possibly cause a virus hotspot.

For example, the leaflet of the Ministries of Health and Education of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Professional Association of Paediatricians and Adolescent Physicians (BVKJ) states quite specifically: “A child must stay at home if at least one of the following symptoms is present: fever… No admission or care in a day-care centre or school or segregation on site until the child is collected”.

What should I know when taking the temperature?
Compared to most systems with a thermal imaging camera or compared to forehead measurement with a hand-held thermometer, the SmartXcan ensures that the measurement situation is always the same while adhering to a strict specification for the distance and orientation of the head. Body temperature is measured with a thermal sensor always in the inner eye socket, directly above the course of the facial artery. The touch-free and permanently installed fever scanner thus ensures fast and accurate values. Independent tests of the IPVM portal ( have confirmed a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C.

Is it dangerous to take my temperature with a fever scanner?
There is no risk of glare or radiation that could damage the eye when measuring body temperature with the SmartXcan. Although the fever scanner uses a laser distance sensor to determine the correct distance between the head and the lens, the radiation emitted is not harmful to humans. The laser is compliant with the IEC 60825-1:2014-3 standard and rated Class 1. This means that even a longer irradiation time does not have any harmful effects on the user’s health.


Is the handling complicated?
The operation is intuitive and self-explanatory, the results are reliable and accurate. The measurement is carried out without touching and is therefore safe for the user. A EU-GDPR compliant operation is possible without any problems as no personal data is stored Complicated settings for operation are not necessary. You simply step in front of the device and approach the lens with your face. Once the required measuring distance is reached, the scanner measures the body temperature within 0.6 seconds and emits corresponding visual and acoustic signals, depending on whether you have a fever or not. Up to 700 people can be measured in this way per hour. In both of the above-mentioned day-care centres, the SmartXcan is not compulsory, but is used as an optional self-monitoring device. However, the fever meter could also be combined with a door opener or a turnstile. It is also possible to link it to monitors, signal lights or even your own Kentix mobile app.

How is the installation and starting up?
In Simmertal and in Idar-Oberstein, the installation of the SmartXcans was very simple and took no more than 30 minutes. IT specialists or an electrician were not needed. The metal wall bracket included in the scope of delivery, which is already designed at the right angle for the correct measuring process, could simply be screwed to the walls. Suitable locations near a socket were quickly found. By the way, screws and dowels are also included in the delivery. Since no PoE switch or network connection was available in either case, all that was needed was an additional PoE injector with power supply unit to connect to the socket. The injectors were also supplied directly by Kentix. After a short warm-up phase of about 30 minutes, the fever scanner was ready for use.

How much does a SmartXcan fever scanner cost?
The purchase price of the scanner as a stand-alone solution is 695.00 euros net, plus VAT. 40.00 euros net plus VAT for the PoE injector for the power supply if no PoE switch is available on site.

This is what the heads of the day-care centres say about the SmartXcan:
“Children with fever do not belong in the facility but require parental care. We are very happy to have a SmartXcan. – also in view of the upcoming wave of influenza in autumn and winter. It works very easily, the children enjoy using it and use the scanner almost every day. Parents simply step in front of the scanner with their children in our anteroom in the morning, beep and that’s it. We as a team also use this uncomplicated and simple temperature measurement. So far, there has only been positive feedback from the parents, everyone feels better protected,”reports Jennifer Binsfeld (in picture, far right), the site manager of the St. Peter and Paul Catholic day-care centre in Idar-Oberstein.

“We are very happy to have such a practical and simple solution for the protection of our children and our kindergarten staff. After all, we as a community have a duty to avoid possible corona hotspots.”says Christina Bleisinger (in picture, right), the mayor of the municipality of Simmertal, which has just under 2,000 inhabitants and is responsible for the Kunterbunt day care centre. Denise Chmiel (in the picture, left), the head of the day care centre adds: The kids are not afraid of the fever test. On the contrary, they even have fun standing in line to be measured. That is probably because nobody comes too close to them with a classic clinical thermometer“.

A SmartXcan fever scanner in the entrance area of a kindergarten is a practical tool for early detection of virus hotspots and for preventing the spread of contagious infections such as corona or influenza flu. The costs are a reasonable investment for a safe, automatic and contact-free fever measurement without additional personnel costs.

You can find more information about the fever scanner and helpful short videos at

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