How early detection of diseases in companies, public authorities, schools or daycare centers is becoming even more reliable with AI.

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Automatic fever screening has proven to be fast, easy and reliable in very many areas of society. This way, employees, students, customers or visitors can be protected from infection.

Our SmartXcan, unlike most measuring devices such as infrared guns or fever cameras, measures body temperature not on the forehead but on the inner side of the eye. Among many medical professionals, this location is considered reliable enough to read the core body temperature with the required measurement accuracy of 0.3°C.

Because so many different systems are now available on the market and there is a real gold-rush atmosphere, the independent test portal „IPVM“ in the USA took a look at 28 systems for temperature screening and showed that most of them do not meet the required accuracy and process stability. In some cases, even fraudulent devices that diagnosed fevers from mere photographs of people were unmasked. ( One of the few temperature measuring devices that could convince the IPVM testers was our SmartXcan – Made in Germany. (

Update with Artificial Intelligence

To make non-contact measurement on the inside of the eye even safer, our developers have made a software update using artificial intelligence (AI). For this purpose, thermal images of human faces were taught in using Deep Learning.

This enables the fever scanner to recognize faces even better and virtually exclude manipulated measurements, for example with the hand or a heated object. During the measurement process, the face is stabilized by the software, enabling even more precise measurements to be taken at the relatively small points on the inside of the eyes. The update ensures even more reliable measurement results for companies, authorities, schools or daycare centers, especially when things have to be done quickly and many people are taking measurements one after the other, in order to detect contagious viral infections at an early stage.

The free AI software update “Firmware SmartXcan – Version 06.25.01.” dated 01/22/2021 is now available to all SmartXcan users on the Kentix Docs portal:

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