More and more medium-sized companies in particular are turning their backs on the public cloud and heading back to their own data centre. The most frequently cited reasons for this decision are disappointing experiences with expensive and confusing services from hyperscalers, concerns about data sovereignty and increasing data protection requirements.

The return “home” seems tempting. The promise is more stability, control, data protection and independence. And if you take a closer look at the advantages of the private cloud, the step back can actually be worthwhile for many companies on balance. Because by returning to their own data centre, companies can plan their costs better and avoid unnecessary expenses. Also in terms of data protection, many companies prefer to manage their processes and data in-house in order to have full control. Furthermore, if performance at the hyperscaler has disappointed and poor performance in the cloud can cause difficulties, companies may want to bring certain processes back in-house.

Initial investment in infrastructure and staff is necessary

In reality, however, the return to an in-house data centre is not quite so uncomplicated. An internal solution is often associated with high costs, especially at the beginning. This is because using the “cloud in one’s own data centre” requires investments in infrastructure, personnel, automation and process integration. Physical security is often the biggest challenge. In many companies, it has been criminally neglected for years, while the focus was on IT security, which is usually well positioned. The lack of physical security structures is now falling on the feet of many medium-sized companies, because legal regulations are forcing companies to revise their security concepts and improve them. And that means costs and effort for procurement and integration. In the second step, appropriate personnel is needed to operate the new security infrastructure – another item on the list. Expenses for maintenance and upgrades of the security systems come on top – the bottom line is a bill with high initial investments and many unknowns.

Simple, centralised and automated solution

Kentix has developed a simple and holistic solution to these challenges. With physical security and cyber security, two formerly separate areas, slowly converging in practice, Kentix is thinking a big step ahead here and making physical security an integral part of cyber security. As a security expert in the server room, Kentix has already taken the step out into area protection several years ago. The basis for this is the system is KentixONE, the innovative IoT platform that provides integration, centralisation and automation of physical security.

Only one system instead of isolated solutions

With KentixONE, stand-alone solutions are a thing of the past, as eight conventional security systems are replaced by just one. Depending on the components selected, the system monitors up to more than 40 physical threats. All components can be easily and seamlessly integrated into the company’s existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to interfaces, existing analogue and digital security systems can also be implemented. Due to the high number and variety of monitored hazards, many ISO and EN requirements can be met with Kentix.
The highlight: all data is evaluated centrally. The associated web frontend and app allow intuitive operation and give the user a simple overview – even in the case of distributed and large infrastructures.With the Kentix system, companies are setting themselves up for the future, because the system is not only demonstrably up to 40% cheaper than conventional security technology, it can also be expanded as desired – even to other company areas – and is always compatible. Kentix thus keeps the backs of companies and their security managers free, because it gives the good feeling of not having to worry about anything.

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