Kentix responds to global demand and invests in home base Idar-Oberstein.

SmartXcan – this is the name of the fever scanner that the company Kentix developed shortly after the start of the corona pandemic in March this year and brought to market after only 6 weeks. Since then, the telephones in Nahbollenbach’s Nahe Valley Business Park have never stopped ringing. According to the company’s own statement, the fever scanner has become a real bestseller and is already used in over 40 countries worldwide. Among them are well-known international corporations, schools, day care centres, hospitals, public utilities, etc.

We knew that our fever scanner was superior to other solutions on the market, but we did not expect such a strong demand. This gives us momentum and strengthens our decision to invest in our home base.“, said Thomas Fritz, the founder and CEO of Kentix.

The company was founded in 2010. However, due to rapid growth, the space in the first office building soon became too small and the decision was made to build a new administration and production building in the industrial park. In the meantime, the software and hardware company employs around 40 people and new job interviews take place almost daily to meet the demand.

How was it possible to develop and produce such a complex technical device ready for the market in only 6 weeks?

Our core business is actually the protection of critical IT infrastructures. Our core business is actually the protection of critical IT infrastructures. This allows up to 37 physical hazards or parameters to be monitored with just one sensor. With this know-how it was possible to develop the SmartXcan, which uses a thermal sensor to accurately measure body temperature.”, explains Jan Sanders, the Kentix CSO.
By the way, not only the SmartXcan is developed and manufactured in Idar-Oberstein, but also all other Kentix products. In the new 800 square metre production hall, which is currently being built directly next to the main building in Carl-Benz-Strasse, new employees will manufacture some 10,000 smart high-tech products made in Idar-Oberstein every year.

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