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Compared to most measuring devices such as infrared measuring guns or fever cameras, the SmartXcan does not measure the body temperature on the forehead, but in the inside of the eye on the facial artery. Among many medical professionals, this location is considered reliable enough to read the core body temperature with the required measurement accuracy of 0.3 °C.

How the SmartXcan performs in a direct comparison with an ear thermometer, the gold standard for body temperature measurement, is shown in our video.

Also because so many different systems are now offered on the market and there is a veritable gold rush, the independent test portal “IPVM” in the USA took a look at 28 systems for temperature screening and showed that most of them do not meet the required accuracy and process stability. In some cases, even fraudulent devices were exposed that diagnosed fever on mere photos of people. ( One of the few temperature measuring devices that could convince the IPVM testers was the SmartXcan made in Germany. (