September 14 was trend sniffing time – time for the Kentix Partner Day 2017! We are excited that we can draw an overall positive conclusion from our exclusive partner event. A mix of face-to-face contacts, lots of digitalization and new future-oriented products, home-made gin and wine sensor technology – here is a review of our informative yet fun Kentix Partner Day 2017. 

Wednesday, September 13 – Setting up the stage for Kentix

The morning before the event, after a final briefing at the company, we headed to the venue to begin setting up our stand. As our venue, we had chosen the old chapel of the former monastery “Marienhöh”, now a four-star-hotel right at the heart of the beautiful national park region Hunsrück-Hochwald. The chapel offered enough space for displaying our well-tried and our new products as well as room for our exhibition partners sysob IT distribution, Paessler, Server-Eye and OP5.

In the evening, we had planned to go on a hike along one of the many gorgeous trails in the area, one of them leading right by the hotel. Due to the weather, unfortunately, we quite literally had to take a rain check, so we stayed in the cosy hotel bar with all the partners that had already arrived.

Thursday, September 14 – On the lookout for future trends

The next day, our Partner Day 2017 had finally came. (Almost) all of our guests had arrived on time and were seated in the chapel by 12:45 p.m. when Thomas Fritz, Kentix CEO, opened the event. Only a few were running late due to traffic or altercations of different kinds (one of them being another small town with the same name just 40 km from our venue which lead to confusion). They were excused, however, and snuck in at a later time. At 1 p.m., Anna Rosinus, PhD, came on stage for her top-class key note about the mega trends connectivity and digitalization – descriptive and practical, she explained to us how “your car will make your coffee” in the future and answered a few questions afterward. Next on stage was Georg Thoma, sysob CEO, with his interesting speech about the  “IT distribution of the future”. After a short break to restore our energy with coffee and snacks, the audience listened to Michael Krämer, Krämer IT Solutions CEO, and his speech on the topic of “The IT system house ready for the future”. Last but not least, Thomas Fritz came back on stage and presented the development and the vision of Kentix as well as the new Kentix product line. Afterward, he opened the exhibition and many interested partners swarmed onto the stage to find out what’s new in security technology.

At 7 p.m., eventually, it was time to say: “Business ends – pleasure begins”. During the wine seminar with Steffen Michler, PhD, we all tested our sensors. How does this smell, what does it taste like? An exciting quiz about different kinds of wine ended with a tie-breaking question for three tied groups. As a prize, the lucky winners received a bottle of top-class wine from our wine gourmet. Now there was only one topic left on the agenda: Flying Buffet and home-made Gin bar! After all guests restored their energy with specialities from all over the world, we sat together in a comfortable atmosphere and drank gin until the tonic ran out.

Friday, September 15 – Time to say goodbye

All that was left to do the next morning was to say goodbye to our guests after a few more good conversations at the breakfast table. We had worked long and hard to make our Kentix Partner Day 2017 reality and were excited to find out how our guests would like it. That is why we are happy to be able to say that so far, we have only received positive feedback. Were you there too? Did you enjoy the event? We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Sneak preview: A small selection of pictures in advance

You will find more info and pictures of the Kentix Partner Day 2017 and an outlook on the coming year under the following link.