The investments in electronic security equipment are growing. They feature a high, double-digit growth potential on the current market. The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly taking over a key role in this process. In the yearly trending poll conducted by the digital association Bitkom, the topic has been voted among the Top 5 of the most important topics of the year for the first time.

The topic of IT security remains in first place, where it has been two years ago already. The list continues with Cloud Computing in second place, followed by Industry 4.0 in third place and the evaluation of large amounts of data (Big Data) in fourth place. Featured for the first time this year: The Internet of Things (IoT). With 47% of votes it reached fifth place of the most important digital topics of the year. The Internet of Things means the linking of a big variety of things with the internet – “from cars to toothbrushes”, as Bitkom-CEO Dr. Bernhard Rohleder describes clearly.

Internet of Things on the rise

US market researcher Gartner also sees the Internet of Things as one of the remaining major topics of the digital world. The prospect is that in the year 2020, 25 billion things and more than half of the major business processes are to be connected to the internet. The advantages are for example a lower energy consumption or better medical care. Kentix also offers a new cross-linkable product now: The Kentix DoorLock®, for easy and secure access control. With only two base components a complete access system can be set up that connects more than 1500 doors and up to 2000 user profiles.

Essential: Increased cyber security

Since more and more data is being collected and stored due to increasing networking, the importance of cyber security is continuously growing as well. When everything is interconnected, a single attack by hackers for example can lead to a way bigger damage than before. Security is key. With the Kentix MultiSensor® technology, IT and server rooms are protected against up to 37 physical threats.


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