Unauthorized access, network failure, water ingress, fire, theft, … the list of dangers that threaten a data center every day is long. In the worst case, there is the threat of a total loss and the end of the business.

The revolutionary answer: KentixONE

The need for control and threat monitoring is therefore huge, but often fails due to outdated security technology or software that is not user-friendly. In addition, there are legal and compliance requirements that must be met in the IT sector. Things quickly become confusing and complicated. To meet the demand for maximum security with minimum effort, Kentix has rethought security technology: it becomes digital, thus highly reliable and easy to control: With KentixONE, the seamless, intuitive platform that brings together eight physical security systems and merges them into one. The outstanding novelty: important parts of ISO 22237 (parts 4 & 6) are fulfilled with less system effort. Even more, KentixONE exceeds the requirements by predictively and automatically monitoring more than 40 hazards.

Simple and secure: the all-in-one solution

During the development phase of KentixONE, extreme importance was attached to simple, intuitive usability and to a focus on the future. KentixONE meets these requirements 100%: Only a web browser is required for operation and the interface presents itself as a clear all-round information management system. Since all Kentix systems are based on state-of-the-art Software Defined Hardware (SDH) and are 100% IoT solutions, they fit seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure. And thanks to the SDH architecture, they are extremely scalable and ready for future requirements today. Many more than the current eight security systems can be integrated in the future.

Learn all about KentixONE, the all-in-one solution for data centers, here.

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