Downtime due to physical defects is usually longer and more expensive due to software failures. The Kentix MultiSensor LAN is the ingeniously simple solution for monitoring critical infrastructures up to 19 physical threats such as temperature, humidity, dew point, carbon monoxide, and motion. He lays the foundations for protection according to EU GDPR and ISO27001.

Like all Kentix products, the Kentix MultiSensor-LAN is completely IT-based and can therefore be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The software is completely integrated in the device and there are no additional costs due to licenses or updates. Through the existing web server, all necessary settings are made directly on the device – conveniently via the web browser. Due to the low acquisition costs and installation costs, the MultiSensor LAN pays for itself after the first alarm message.

Incoming alarms are sent by e-mail with all important information directly to the system administrator. If the MultiSensor LAN is connected to a Kentix AlarmManager – the Kentix alarm center – alarms can also be sent via SMS.

If desired, the alarm messages can also be linked with pictures in the system of integrated IP video cameras. The verification of the alarms is thus possible from a distance and saves in many cases the use on site. Read here how to integrate your IP video cameras into your Kentix system.

The MultiSensor LAN also provides an SNMP interface for integration with most network management systems. There are 2 external signal inputs on the bottom of the device for connecting third-party products such as air conditioners, door contacts or an alarm siren.

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