With the new, second generation AlarmManager and MultiSensors, we have further expanded our MultiSensor technology and prepared for upcoming development in the next few years. The first generation has now been replaced after 8 years and tens of thousands of devices.

The important advantage of the second generation is the consistent focus on existing and upcoming IoT technologies and the required system flexibility. Here we expect new innovative applications with high customer benefit in the next 2-5 years.

The previously used ControlCenter will be replaced by a new Web user interface. Therefore no software is needed for administration and configuration.

The new user interface considerably simplifies configuration and operation. The redesign of the dashboard by building and zones in a tree view also improves the overview of larger systems or distributed systems.

In the course of this improvement of the user interface also the live monitoring was adapted. The status of all active network components can now be monitored at any time. By expanding from a maximum of 50 to a maximum of 500 sensors, it is now possible to manage even larger networks.

SNMP V2 / 3-capable devices from other manufacturers can be read out directly and processed as alarms. To monitor the power grid, for example, the “vital functions” of the network can be queried via the UPS. Even air conditioning systems can be connected and monitored in this way, provided they provide a connection via SNMP.

The new AlarmManager supports the seamless integration of IP cameras. Alarms are linked directly to image sequences and stored on the SD card inserted in the AlarmManager. The image data can then be attached directly to the alarm e-mail. In addition, you can access the live image of your IP cameras at any time from the AlarmManager web interface.

The new Kentix app for iOS and Android also informs you about image sequences including alarms and also has a live video function. The app’s interface has been redesigned and, thanks to the new tile view, is also better suited to handling larger installations.

When changing or buying a new Kentix AlarmManager, existing Kentix MultiSensors can be reused without any problem. Depending on the device, an update is required here. Unfortunately, new MultiSensors (as of 02/2018) no longer work on an old AlarmManager (before 02/2018).

A complete overview of the compatibility can be found here.

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