The online access control system Kentix DoorLock® now offers more versions of contact-free online door openers. Together with the online door lever and the online wall reader the system now becomes a complete building kit that offers the matching product for any application. From data centers and IT racks over office and administrative rooms up to industrial sites and remote IT infrastructure, your entire IT is reliably secured against burglary, sabotage and non authenticated access to critical areas.

Office doors securely linked with the online door lever

The online door lever is especially useful for mounting in highly frequented doors such as office doors. It offers a special function that unlocks the door after only one successful booking on the door opener for a set amount of time. This way, the users don’t have to unlock the door every time they enter the room which offers a comfortable and at the same time secure access to doors to rooms such as offices, administrative rooms, chancelleries, doctor’s practices or storage areas. The online door lever is solely made for interior use and is available in different variations. The same useful function, however, is now also available for the online door knob which offers a weather-resistant model for outdoor use. The online wall reader, on the other hand, is made for assembly in outlet socket or housing for surface mounting and is particularly suitable for securing garages, production halls, etc. If required, different covers are available and can be ordered separately. All three door opener models offer integrated radio (868MHz), are easy to assemble and can be operated online as well as offline.

Smart access control becomes even smarter now: Arming/disarming of the AlarmManager

The online door lever and the online door knob also offer another useful function that helps you optimize workflow and business processes. A successful booking on the door opener can now arm/disarm the AlarmManager. You can set up up to 30 zones to make sure it is always the desired areas that are cleared for access. This way, you will never again forget disarming alarms before entering a room and thus you will avoid false alarms. Morever, you can be at ease and rest assured that your critical areas are always secured with alarms whenever it is required.

Configuration of the DoorLock-LE (online door lever)


Setting up time profiles for the DoorLock-LE


All-in-One solution for more IT security in all areas

The access component of the Kentix solution is easily integrated in existing IT networks. Combined with the MultiSensor technology, an integral solution is established that offers 360° monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure with only one system and secures your IT against critical climate factors,  burglary, sabotage and more than 30 other physical threats. Kentix solutions are always IoT solutions which is of increasing importance on the rapidly growing market for linkable electronic security technology. The systems are suitable either as stand-alone-solutions or for big projects with over 1500 doors, up to 30 alarm zones and rooms of up to 200 sqm in size.

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