Kentix has launched a new product: The Online Cabinet Lock. It can easily be mounted in merely any standard IT or distribution cabinet, without great effort. Opening the cabinet door is only possibly with sufficient authorization via a RFID medium. IT racks and distribution cabinets are then efficiently protected against unauthorized access.

The Online Cabinet Lock offers a simple locking solution to equip IT racks and distribution cabinets. The battery operation reduces the installation to a minimum. As a battery, a lithium AA battery is used which allows operating times of up to 8 years or 100,000 operations. The battery is mechanically secured against removal (special tool). The lock is supplied with various adapters and locking levers and can therefore be adapted to almost any IT cabinet.

Together with the DoorLock-AccessPoint, up to 1.600 doors can be connected to one system and can be remotely controlled. The other Kentix DoorLock products such as the Online Door Knob can be connected to the Cabinet Lock as well. This way, even larger access control systems with many different doors can be implemented easily, without great mounting efforts.

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