Water ingress in the form of flooding usually causes the affected devices to give in and break down. But even small leakages can lead to defects or disturbances in the workflow. Ever so often they are hidden, for example underneath an air conditioning unit, and therefore can be detected quite late. The Kentix leakage sensors have the remedy for this predicament.

Goodbye water damage: With the Kentix Leakage Sensor

The Kentix Leakage Sensor can simply be connected to a Kentix AlarmManager or a MultiSensor via plug’n’play and is ready for action right away. The integrated moisture sensor continuously measures conductivity across several electrodes. When conductivity is too high, for example in the case of water ingress, the leakage sensor sends an alarm via the Kentix system socket which is forwarded to the responsible persons via SMS, e-mail or SNMP. One leakage sensor monitors rooms or sites of up to 25-50sqm. For more or larger rooms, additional leakage sensors can be integrated into the system and connected via the AlarmManager.

New product: The leakage sensor with sensor cable

LeckageSensor Rope: Sensoren-Kabel am BodenSince April 2017, the LeakageSensor-ROP E is new to the Kentix portfolio. It offers the same functions ans the LeakageSensor, but additionally comes with a sensor cable. Small sensors inside the cable detect water ingress at an early stage alongside the entire rope. If the rope gets into contact with anything liquid, an alarm is immediately being sent to the system administrator so that they can handle the issue before it leads to expensive blackouts. The sensor cable which can be ordered with a length of 10 or 20 meters offers plenty of flexibility when securing premises. As required, it can be installed alongside the walls, underneath air conditioning units and into all corners of the room and monitors potential water ingress in all those places from then on. The electronics themselves are 100% waterproof and therefore immune to any leakages. In addition to the leakage sensors, more MultiSensors can be integrated into the system in order to monitor the environment for physical threats. This way, a holistic monitoring solution for server rooms, offices or industrial sites is established in next to no time.