Access control online or offline - what is the difference?

Most companies have one goal in common: The premises are to be protected against burglary, theft and unauthorized access as comprehensively as possible. Quite often, however, the actual implementation of this project is their weak point. The question that comes up first is, which access solution best suits my needs? First and foremost, the entrepreneur has to make an important choice: Access control online or offline – and what actually is the difference?

Unauthorized access to critical areas can have fatal consequences: Stolen high quality equipment or compromised important data can lead to financial penalties, long and expensive recovery processes and loss of public image. A secure and efficient access solution is key. But what solution is best for which application?

Offline access control – easy to install, difficult to manage?

An offline access control system for smaller projects can be implemented easily, quickly and at no great cost. Single doors are equipped with a radio integrated door opener and the according RFID mediums are taught in, and you’re ready to go: Each door can now only be unlocked with an RFID token or a transponder card which has been issued the according authorization for this door. No cables are needed, the door openers are battery powered. Each door is also stand-alone-capable and does not have to be integrated into a larger system. The disadvantage: The doors cannot be centrally managed and controlled. Each new key must be taught in at the door that it is to have an authorization for – and if the key is lost, it must be manually deleted from each door.

Advantages of an offline access control:

  • No wiring necessary

  • Easy rebuilding of doors

  • Little investment and mounting efforts

Disadvantages of an offline access control:

  • Authorizations have to be granted at each door for each user / token

  • Access authorization or locked tokens are not immediately effective

Online access control – all in one system

With an online access control solution, all data is managed in one central system. Time-user-profiles can be created, authorization can be issued and lost keys can be deleted and new ones taught in. New employees receive their RFID chip with their individual authorizations immediately and even external service providers can easily get access within certain time limits. All access and also unsuccessful attempts are being documented and can be analyzed and retraced at any time company-wide via a web based software. When connected to the cloud, Remote Management from any where and at any time is also possible. This allows the system administrator to unlock doors via point-and-click, for example for external staff or employees who have lost or forgotten their key. Without great efforts, a complete access control system can be set up this way, even across several site locations or even across country borders.

Advantages of an online access control:

  • Central administration of the system

  • Access authorization and locked tokens immediately effective

  • Suitable also for large projects, for example across different site locations

Disadvantages of an online access control:

  • Effort necessary for setting up the wiring

  • With Kentix: None thanks to radio connectability!

Online Access Control System for the entire Building

Access control online or offline – or a combination of the two?

Most companies nowadays want to be able to manage as many subsections together as possible. In regards of access control, a mix of online and offline as an interconnected solution is also possible. Different areas within the company building may have different security requirements. While entrance doors or critical areas need real-time monitoring including alerting, other areas in the building may have lower demands to physical security. An offline access control system may be suitable as an addition to an online access control system at low cost and installing efforts in order to cover all the areas that may have been neglected so far due to lower standards. The Kentix DoorLock offers a complete access control system both online and offline or as a combination of the two. Due to wireless networking the Kentix DoorLock connects the best of both worlds – little installing efforts and little cost like an offline solution, but at the same time convenience and high functionality like an online solution.