With the new SmartAccess firmware update additional free and very cool features have been added. Such an update once again impressively demonstrates how future-proof and investment-safe a Kentix system is in practice.

For the radio cabinet lock (KXC-RA) a query about the locking status (locked/unlocked) was added. This is queried using the REsT API or SNMP and displayed in the details of the locking component.
The status (open/closed) of the digital inputs of the AccessManager and the Smart Relay module can now also be retrieved via REsT-API or SNMP. In addition, the system times between master and slave are now automatically adjusted after successful synchronization.
After the update, the temperatures of all wireless locking components can also be queried via REsT API or SNMP. The transmission strength is now also displayed and updated after each booking.

With these functions, it is now possible, among other things, to monitor racks with cabinet locks without gaps by means of locking and door status.
With the temperature information of the locking components, which is also available, entire “heat maps” can be created in order to map, identify and analyse hot spots even better.

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