The Kentix SmartPDU is much more than a simple power connector. It serves as a system component in the rack that can simultaneously control environmental monitoring and access to your server rack.

The Kentix system solution: In addition to its function as a robust and reliable power distribution unit, the Kentix SmartPDU also serves as a real system component that protects your rack against all physical hazards.

For example, the SmartPDU – Made in Germany – has an integrated MultiSensor, enclosed in a robust metal housing and is available in several modular power port configurations, depending on your individual needs. Furthermore, it offers:

  • Calibrated measurement (MID)
  • Integrated residual current measurement (RCM)
  • Professional circuit breaker with C/G tripping characteristic
  • Cable pull-out protection IEC-LOCK
  • Monitoring of temperature, dew point, vibration, optional early fire detection
  • Cascading of up to 100 SmartPDUs
  • KentixOS

The System port allows additional sensors, such as the Kentix DustSensor or the Kentix Rack Handle KXC-RA4, to be connected directly to the PDU for intelligent access control.