The Corona crisis has the entire care system and thus also the residents and staff of the house “Am Königsfloß” firmly under control. The SmartXcan makes it possible to check the body temperature already at the entrance of the nursing home.

There is still an absolute ban on contact for the senior citizens’ residence and the relatives of the current 130 residents are facing closed doors.
Nevertheless the team around operator Christian Weinz tries to make the everyday life of the residents as positive as possible. In order to enable a gradual resumption of social contacts after the contact ban has expired and to test employees and suppliers for possible virus or bacteria contamination, the retirement home has been using a Kentix SmartXcan for one week.
The SmartXcan measures the body temperature within seconds and completely contactlessly and thus identifies possible ill persons.

“The Kentix SmartXcan makes an effective contribution to the fight against potential corona infections. For me, the purchase of the SmartXcan is an investment in the future and in the health care of our residents and employees,” says Weinz, who will also purchase the SmartXcan for his two other care facilities in Rhineland-Palatinate.

In his opinion, the SmartXcan will also be used in other nursing homes and hospitals in the future, but also in retail or commercial enterprises. If the SmartXcan is currently being used by employees before they start work, Weinz trusts that his employees will show enough personal responsibility not to alight their work in the case of an abnormal scan and to consult a doctor. For suppliers, the use of the body temperature meter will become an integral part of the access process in the coming weeks. In the next step it is planned to link the SmartXcan to the electronic locking system and thus make a body temperature check also for visitors part of the access to the building. If the body temperature were to rise, the entrance door would remain closed to the visitor. Such a check is subject to data protection, but since no personal data is collected and stored, it is unproblematic.

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