With more than 120 vehicles the logistics company Alistair Group transports consumer goods for the mining and oil industry within East, Central and South Africa. For a smooth as possible workflow, all trucks are equipped with tracking systems that are connected to the company-owned Control Center. With the Kentix MultiSensor alarming systems, the logistics expert ensures 24/7 availability of the Control Center. The monitoring solution observes physical threats that put the IT environment at risk such as fire, leakage or unauthorized access and sabotage.

Environmental monitoring of electronic data transmission control room


Alistair Control Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The core item of the installation in the electronic data transmission control room is the Kentix AlarmManager-PRO. All information that the radio based MultiSensors convey merge here. They are about the size of a smoke detector and are assembled in server rooms and racks. Here, the sensors continuously measure several parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, voltage, fire and movement. If one of the sensors reports that a specified critical value has been crossed, the AlarmManager-PRO forwards the alarms and fault alerts to the responsible persons via e-mail or smartphone app. This way, the person in charge for the IT can react on short notice and eliminate errors or even avoid them to being with.

Challenging environment for IT infrastructures


Truck tracking system in the Alistair Control Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

„Our Control Center IT is facing a big variety of risks here in Africa. In order to provide our customers with a 24/7 logistics chain, we must monitor all threats completely“, remarks Angelo Caruso, Operations Manager of the Alistair Group located in Tanzania and Mosambique. „The MultiSensor system by Kentix supports us in all aspects. The installation was quick and easy. Due to the constant monitoring of our environment and the immediate alerts when critical values are crossed we can react right away in case of emergency. Unauthorized access to our IT and supply rooms are directly reported to our security personnel.“

About Alistair Group

Using the combination of a reliable fleet of tractors and trailers, innovative tracking technology to monitor vehicles and highly trained personnel, Alistair Logistics provides an efficient transport service and adheres to international standards throughout East Africa. Ideally headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with offices in Mtwara, Tanzania and Pemba, Mozambique, Alistair Logistics is perfectly positioned to transport cargo from Dar es Salaam port to the neighbouring countries of East, Central and Southern Africa. Alistair Logistics is the transport company of choice for a variety of clients in the oil and gas, mining and freight forwarding industries.


  • AlarmManager-PRO

  • Several MultiSensor-RF

  • KeyPad

Source Title Picture: Alistair Group, www.alistairgroup.com