It’s every football fan’s nightmare: the hotly anticipated broadcast of the Bundesliga match on Saturday afternoon is about to start. It is a decisive match that will decide whether the team stays in the league or is relegated. The tension and anticipation in the living rooms of the Republic is palpable. The TV is on, the drinks are cold, snacks are ready. And then it starts. Kick-off in the stadium. But the TV screens remain black…

There is no picture, no sound. No game. The excitement among the fans in front of the TV screens is great, the anger even greater. The pressure on those responsible is immense. Who will be held accountable? It is not only a question of liability, but above all of large sums of money. The most important question: What happened in the first place?

Small cause – big effect

It turns out that the temperature in the server room was too high. The server racks had overheated, which led to a total failure of the technology – making it impossible to send a live broadcast.

Such a scenario has actually happened before. It could have been avoided with comparatively simple measures. But not only football broadcasts can be affected by such failures. Far more significant systems such as hospital software or traffic control systems are also threatened by disruptions or even complete failures. Whether in the server room or individual rack, in a battery storage hall, in production, on the assembly line and in all places where important and critical infrastructures need to be protected against failures and malfunctions, the Kentix product portfolio has a solution.

The Multisensor: a true all-rounder

The Kentix Multisensor is a true all-rounder when it comes to monitoring and detecting physical threats. One of the outstanding functions of the Multisensor is the detection of thermal hotspots. In addition, the multisensor has a highly sensitive CO sensor that enables reliable early fire detection. By detecting carbon monoxide, dangerous situations can be recognised and responded to in time.

The football saviour

Monitoring room temperature, cooling and heating is another feature of the multi-sensor. Through continuous measurements, possible temperature fluctuations can be detected and appropriate measures taken. In this way, the server failure from the above scenario could also have been detected in advance and prevented. This is because the multisensor sounds the alarm long before things become critical and damage occurs.

The monitoring of air humidity, air quality and possible acts of sabotage are further functions contained in the small multisensor. In addition, it offers the possibility of controlling external alarm and switching outputs. This enables the connection of external alarm devices such as sirens or flashing lights for effective alerting in an emergency. Thus, the Kentix Multisensor is an extremely versatile monitoring tool that provides comprehensive hazard detection and maximum security for buildings, server racks, offices and more.

By the way, five Bundesliga clubs has actually been using Kentix technology for physical security for years. So as a Kentix user, you are in the best of company.

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