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This could have been annoying and expensive for Paket24 GmbH, a supplier of high-quality garden furniture. But the Kentix multisensor successfully prevented a failure. What had happened?

When the multi-sensor alarm sounded and an employee looked at the UPS, everything looked normal at first: “I thought, what does Kentix want, everything looks great,” he recalls. But when he inspected the back more closely, he discovered the reason for the alarm: the cells in the UPS had heated up dangerously. If this had remained undetected and they had ultimately burnt out, this would have resulted in a serious fire. But the CO2 sensor on the Kentix multisensor detected the change in carbon dioxide levels early on, before any damage occurred.

Conclusion: Without the Kentix multi-sensor, this dangerous situation would have remained undetected. By the time it was detected, major damage would already have been caused by the fire. So the Multisensor saved Paket24 / Artelia from an expensive breakdown – quite simply and at low cost.

You too can reliably prevent expensive damage to property and momentous asufalls caused by fire with the Kentix multisensor. The multisensor is able to detect fires hours to days before they occur. Read more:

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