Devastating fires in server rooms occur time and again. Only recently, a fire broke out in the server room of a high-rise office building in Frankfurt. The result: large and expensive property damage and sometimes long IT outages. When conventional fire detectors sound the alarm, it is already too late. Kentix multisensor technology, on the other hand, can detect a fire before it starts. The four-factor early fire detection detects critical signs hours to days in advance.

The multisensor looks inconspicuous. But hidden in the small black box is a sophisticated technology that permanently checks the environment for four factors: The carbon monoxide value, the air quality and the temperature rise are measured. The integrated thermal image sensor detects thermal hotspots. With these four values, critical factors that could trigger a fire can be detected at an early stage. This can be a developing smouldering fire or even a short circuit.

The multisensor can do even more

But the multi-sensor, as its name suggests, can not only detect fires at an early stage. By monitoring temperature, air pressure and humidity, vibration and the possibility of triggering external alarm devices, the multisensor is able to reliably detect up to 40 physical hazards. Depending on the size of the room to be monitored, the sensor is available with a viewing angle of 40° or 90°. This makes it easy to monitor areas from 0.5 to 50 square metres.

Intuitive operation with KentixONE

The multi-sensor does not need any other components to function. The KentixONE software is already integrated in every multisensor and ready to run. This not only ensures intuitive operation, but the safety system can also be expanded with additional Kentix devices as required. This makes the Multisensor a future-proof all-rounder when it comes to (server) room monitoring. More information about the Multisensor: