Digitalization is progressing further and further – with all its advantages and risks. Avoiding it has become virtually impossible for businesses. That is why it is important to know how to successfully use the chances that industry 4.0 brings with it while at the same time repelling the threats. Regulations for the security of information technology are playing a big role in this. One of them is the ISO 27001 – but why is a certification according to specifically this guideline worthwhile?

Nowadays, there are rarely any business processes that do not rely on an error-free IT. Establishing an all-round secured IT is thus vital not only for data centers, but also for office buildings, industrial sites or hospitals. Furthermore, there are plenty of regulatory requirements by now that dictate certain security guidelines. ISO 27001 defines the standards that are required for the launch, implementation, monitoring and improvement of management systems for information technology. A certification according to ISO 27001 states that these regulations have been fulfilled.

More transparency and trust in the face of customers and the public

More and more investors and potential customers are seeking industry-leading businesses in whose reliability and security they can trust. In the face of customers, partners and other public bodies, a company that is certified according to ISO 27001 can offer an accepted confirmation of its own actions concerning IT security. Furthermore, the ISO 27001 is an international standard. The recognition across country frontiers is thus also a given.

Advantages of the ISO 27001:

  • Lowering process costs
  • Lowering financing costs
  • Lowering insurance fees
  • Lowering liability risks
  • Raising competitive capability
  • Strengthening the image in public and with business partners

So how do you receive the certification according to ISO 27001?

There are many ways to reach a security level according to the ISO 27001.  The easiest and most effective way is surely establishing a complete solution for IT security. With Kentix products, you can secure your IT according to the ISO 27001. You only need one system to monitor more than 35 physical threats in rooms and IT cabinets and to receive alarms in sufficient time. This way, damages can at best be prevented before they even occur. Due to the connection with the Kentix360 Cloud, you have the complete system at a glance any time and any where and you can remote control it if necessary. You can then receive the certificate itself from certain service providers such as TÜV Süd for example. This way you provide more transparency and trust for your customers and the public – all with just one system.

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