1701, 2018

All-Round Physical Security For Senior Citizens’ Residence

The Ahrtal Residence in Bad Neuenahr, Germany, is a senior citizens’ residence in charming surroundings. The residents remain independent in their way of living here. At the same time, they enjoy a high level of security and comfort. However, the existing fire alarm system had become outdated, did not comply with regulatory requirements and had to be renewed. One of the main specifications was to avoid cabling work so that the tenants would not be disturbed by construction and the according noise and dirt. […]

910, 2017

New product IP Wall Reader: Access control with IP video integration

We just launched our IP Wall Reader in October, featuring an illuminated touch-pin-pad. It complements our access control system Kentix DoorLock® with a tethered version. Now, an access management system for doors that cannot be connected to a radio-integrated solution can quickly and easily be established. Opening doors is only possible with sufficient authorization and if desired, IP cameras can be integrated in order to increase physical security on the premises. Furthermore, a tethered access solution can now easily be connected with a radio-integrated version to one centrally administered system. […]

1906, 2017

Effective Access Management: Kentix DoorLock Now Integrates Active Directory

We have made the access management for our online access control system Kentix DoorLock even better –  by enabling the integration of the directory services Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP. The authorization accounts within the Kentix DoorLock system can now simply be imported and synchronized via the directory services AD or LDAP. Access authorization can therefore be managed centrally and is now even easier than before. Access is simply granted or denied with the help of user profiles and an according RFID medium. […]

1904, 2017

Leakage Monitoring 2.0 with the Kentix Leakage Sensors

Water ingress in the form of flooding usually causes the affected devices to give in and break down. But even small leakages can lead to defects or disturbances in the workflow. Ever so often they are hidden, for example underneath an air conditioning unit, and therefore can be detected quite late. The Kentix leakage sensors have the remedy for this predicament. […]

1003, 2017

New product: Online Cabinet Lock with RFID and long-lasting battery

Kentix has launched a new product: The Online Cabinet Lock. It can easily be mounted in merely any standard IT or distribution cabinet, without great effort. Opening the cabinet door is only possibly with sufficient authorization via a RFID medium. IT racks and distribution cabinets are then efficiently protected against unauthorized access. […]

1210, 2016

May we introduce: The new enhanced MultiSensor-DOOR

Our innovative door sensor in mini-format with its 6 integrated sensors secures your rooms against burglary, tampering and critical climate factors. Installing the sensor is easy: Simply affix it on doors and windows. In the past months we have worked hard to make it even better. Now, the MultiSensor-DOOR offers not only a new optimized design, but also several improved functions. […]

1606, 2016

New components for Online Access Control System Kentix DoorLock

The online access control system Kentix DoorLock® now offers more versions of contact-free online door openers. Together with the online door lever and the online wall reader the system now becomes a complete building kit that offers the matching product for any application. From data centers and IT racks over office and administrative rooms up to industrial sites and remote IT infrastructure, your entire IT is reliably secured against burglary, sabotage and non authenticated access to critical areas. […]

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