208, 2023

German Mining Museum Bochum protects its sensitive exhibits with Kentix

They are sensitive and must therefore be particularly carefully protected against outside influences: Many exhibits in museums are susceptible to cold, heat, humidity, dust or light and suffer irreparable damage as a result. The protection of exhibits is therefore of immense importance in order to preserve them for posterity. The objects must be carefully protected against all dangers from the environment. Physical security and monitoring of critical parameters is a major issue for museums and exhibitions. […]

2401, 2023

When the fire alarm goes off, it is too late

Devastating fires in server rooms occur time and again. Only recently, a fire broke out in the server room of a high-rise office building in Frankfurt. The result: large and expensive property damage and sometimes long IT outages. When conventional fire detectors sound the alarm, it is already too late. Kentix multisensor technology, on the other hand, can detect a fire before it starts. The four-factor early fire detection detects critical signs hours to days in advance. […]

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