KRITIS critical infrastructure protection with KentixONE

Compliance with ISMS/KRITIS requirements

With KentixONE, the IoT platform for physical security, you get comprehensive physical security for your critical infrastructures at low cost and minimal effort. You secure your vulnerable areas simply and digitally against intrusion and unauthorized access and have everything in view via video surveillance. The system automatically and proactively monitors your rooms, areas and buildings and offers seamless integration into your existing IT environment. KentixONE meets the requirements of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and KRITIS. By using combined security solutions such as monitoring systems, access controls and alarm systems, potential threats can be detected and averted at an early stage. This ensures efficient protection without tying up resources unnecessarily. With KentixONE, you have full control and can detect and ward off up to 40 threats in good time to prevent damage and losses.