Monitoring mission-critical infrastructure

  • Simple protection of the complete IT infrastructure
  • Real-time monitoring of all systems and hazards
  • Immediate forwarding of all messages even in blackout

When it comes to IT security, many people think predominantly of attacks by hackers who capture sensitive customer data. Among the victims are increasingly municipal utilities, supply companies and operators of critical infrastructures, who have to make increasingly high efforts to protect themselves against these damages preventively.

In addition to security on the information technology level, many responsible persons underestimate the physical dangers that can paralyze the technical infrastructure in server and technical rooms. These include, for example, scorch fires caused by faulty insulation, which can lead to fire, water ingress, excessive temperature and humidity or unauthorized access to non-public areas.


Currently, about 77% of all companies suffer system failures annually, about 50%of which are due to physical hazards.

Physical threats pose significant challenges to those responsible for utilities classified as critical infrastructure, as well as smaller municipal utilities.

The lack of physical security is also the part of the ISO 27001 audit where auditors most often find the greatest deficiencies.

Physically secure critical infrastructures
Efficient implementation of ISMS requirements according to ISO 27001

In order to avoid disruptions and to achieve the often obligatory and necessary basic IT protection for public utilities and suppliers, critical infrastructures must meet high IT security requirements. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has submitted a concept for certification for information security management systems (ISMS).

The ISO 27001 certification is regarded as documented proof of the general operation of an ISMS. With this certification, organizations can actively protect themselves against IT failures and the resulting consequential damage such as delivery failures, repair costs, loss of image, claims for damages, etc. In addition, the certificate issued by an independent body documents that sufficient IT security is guaranteed.

With Kentix, the following measures of the BSI IT-Grundschutz Compendium, among others, can be fulfilled with manageable installation and investment costs

  • INF.2.A5 Maintenance of air temperature and humidity
  • INF.2.A6 Access control
  • INF.2.A7 Locking and securing
  • INF.2.A8 Use of a fire detection system
  • INF.2.A11 Automated monitoring of the infrastructure
  • INF.2.A13 Planning and installation of hazard detection systems
  • INF.2.A16 Air conditioning in the data center
  • INF.2.A17 Early fire detection
  • INF.2.A18 Protection from water leakage
  • INF.2.A22 Implementation of dust protection measures
  • INF.2.A24 Use of video surveillance systems

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The Kentix All-In-One system for monitoring, intrusion, fire, access and video

Networkable system components for physical plant monitoring, access control, fire and intrusion detection and intelligent power consumption measurement are combined to create an individually tailored overall concept for efficient all-round physical protection of critical infrastructures. The Kentix system is infinitely scalable and grows with the increasing requirements of the company. All processes are documented in real time in compliance with EU-GDPR, can be made available to third-party systems and forwarded to the responsible persons. Impending dangers can thus be foreseen and avoided.

That’s what our customers say:

“We chose Kentix because it allows us to anticipate potential threats much better. It is possible to track in real time who entered which area and when. The overall advantage of the integrated Kentix system is that a transparent, centralized management system is realized and we get better management through alarms and access authorizations. In addition, we can define opening hours with time profiles and manage our visitor traffic accordingly.

Axel Stegemann, IT system administrator, AZV Saalemündung

“The automatic fever scanners are successfully used in different areas of our city for fever monitoring of employees and visitors. The devices provide very reliable measurement results and can be operated autonomously. No additional operating personnel is required here, which was also one of our main requirements for the system for infection protection reasons. The measuring process is intuitive and self-explanatory, so that users, regardless of their origin and language, can take a fever measurement on their own”.

Klaus Künzer, Deputy Head of Administration Management, Stadt und Stadtwerke Mayen

“The fact that the MultiSensor-TI from Kentix can monitor several top parameters simultaneously is a great advantage. Previously, several components were necessary for this. One MultiSensor is now sufficient for reliable environmental monitoring including Early fire detection. In addition, the all-in-one security platform KentixONE enables central and easy management or integration into existing monitoring systems. For this we use SNMP and use our existing Paessler PRTG to monitor the alarms.”

Arno Reichert, IT Management, Stadtwerke Werl GmbH

“A very easy to manage system with an excellent price-performance ratio”.

Norbert Raum, Telecontrol engineering department, Hewa GmbH Hersbruck

“With the Kentix MultiSensors we have full transparency at all times about what is going on in our distributed infrastructures and can take appropriate action in good time if necessary. Another important argument for Kentix is the easy installation in the distributed locations due to the PoE connection as well as the up-to-date integration into our network and into existing systems by using current open IP standards”.

Tilo Gretzschel, Organization & Infrastructure, COM-IN Telekommunikations GmbH
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