Physical security for your data centre

Access control – intrusion alarm – video surveillance – and much more

Security technology becomes simple and digital. It’s easy to secure a data centre, regardless of whether it’s one or several locations, whether it’s exclusive for one or shared for several customers: You want to keep an eye on all of your data centre’s environments at all times. You want maximum physical security at the lowest possible cost and with the least possible effort.

With KentixONE, our IoT platform for physical security technology, you can easily secure your data centre against more than 40 physical threats while meeting important legal standards and basic protection requirements. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new build or you want to retrofit – our solution can be used anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to IoT technology, KentixONE can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT environment, is uncomplicated to operate, always perfectly compatible and limitlessly expandable. This gives you full control and fends off up to 40 threats before damage and loss occur. Only one central system automatically and proactively monitors your entire infrastructure and ensures EN 50600 or ISO 27001 compliance.

More security through simplicity

KentixONE: hosted at your site, very simple, very secure

With KentixONE, we’ve got your back so you can focus on the things that matter. It replaces eight traditional security systems and combines them into one IoT-based platform. KentixONE runs on all Kentix devices and is always installed when delivered. All you need to operate it is a terminal device with a browser, which you use to access the KentixONE web front end. This is designed in such a way that you can find your way around intuitively. The overview offers individual setting options for even more convenience. Even large and distributed infrastructures remain easily manageable. Discover in the video how easy security is with KentixONE.


Maximum physical security with minimum effort: Replaces eight traditional security systems and combines them into one IoT-based platform. More than 40 threats to your premises and buildings are monitored proactively with KentixONE.


Integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and can be implemented in analog or digital environments thanks to a wide range of interfaces. The software is already installed upon delivery. The most important integration is into your everyday life: Kentix is intuitive, easy to use and resource-saving, and adapts to your processes.


Intuitive web front-end interface with individual setting options for more convenience and optimal overview. The web frontend is a flexible solution for configuration, complemented by the app for smartphone and smartwatch, the ideal „command center“ for on the go.

Grant access rights in real time and from anywhere

Stop worrying about whether unauthorised people have access somewhere they shouldn’t. Because with KentixONE you have control over who is allowed in and when and where in your data centre. From the entrance or driveway to the individual rack. And you also determine who can be where and when. You grant and revoke access authorisations in real time and conveniently from anywhere with just a few clicks. To do this, you use the intuitive and clear dashboard. If temporary authorisations are required, e.g. for maintenance staff, you can easily issue them with your smartphone using the app. Authorised users open the doors by scanning the attached NFC tag with their own smartphone. It couldn’t be simpler. You don’t have to worry about user administration either, because this is automated. The data is imported, for example from Azure. If external persons need access to the premises, this can be done without complicated issuing of keys or cards. This is because gates, doors and server cabinets can be opened remotely using a smartphone. In addition, every event is logged in real time. This makes it possible to check who has been where at any time.

Never again forgotten and unlocked doors

The nightmare of every security manager: No one is on site in the data centre and a door has been forgotten to be locked. But how do you check whether all gates, doors and other access points are locked without anyone having to go and check? KentixONE is the “digital watchdog”. You can see at a glance in the dashboard whether all entrances are locked or bolted. You can divide up alarm zones according to your needs and have them automatically armed or disarmed. And if there is a break-in or attempted break-in, you will receive a message immediately. At the same time, an alarm is triggered – this often deters the perpetrators before the damage becomes greater. In addition, connect external service providers to directly notify control centres in case of emergency.

Everything in view with automatic video surveillance

With video surveillance, you perfectly complement your access control and create all-round security for your data centre. Leave nothing to chance and always keep an eye on all areas of your data centre with comprehensive video surveillance – in real time via the web frontend and via the app if you are on the move. As soon as an event is triggered, video recording starts automatically. The event log including video images is archived and allows you to track what happened and when at any time.

Detecting fires before they start

Fires are one of the most devastating dangers for your data centre. Fire spreads very quickly and the damage increases by the minute – up to the threat of losing the entire data centre. But even if the fire is discovered and extinguished quickly, fires often result in long and therefore expensive downtimes. Therefore, ordinary fire alarms in the data centre are not sufficient, because when they sound the alarm, it is already too late and damage can no longer be averted. Detect fires in their harmless early stages and thus prevent damage and downtime: The MultiSensor works with a four-factor technology (thermal image, carbon monoxide, temperature rise, air quality) and detects various anomalies, for example heat development on electrical components such as the UPS or the appearance of CO gases and volatile organic compounds. These signals are typical for the early onset of a fire – hours or even days before it actually burns. Prevent damage and losses reliably and easily. The MultiSensor is mounted with little effort and fits seamlessly into your existing safety system.

Always keep the environmental conditions under control

Uniform physical environmental conditions are essential in a data centre. The most important factors to monitor include temperature, humidity, dust and dirt particles, and various liquids.

Servers generate heat, and too high a temperature can lead to overheating and damage to the equipment. While too high humidity can lead to condensation and corrosion, too low humidity favours electrostatic discharges. Dust and dirt particles in the air can deposit on the components and clog the ventilation systems. Last but not least, water leaks or leaking liquids pose a serious threat to the entire IT infrastructure. Keep these and other factors easily under control and ensure a secure and stable server environment with the MultiSensor. Thanks to highly sensitive sensors, it detects more than 40 hazards reliably and quickly so that you can intervene in time and prevent damage. In combination with the leakage sensor, you can continuously and automatically monitor your racks, rooms and the entire data centre and keep an eye on more than 40 physical hazards.

Savings potential and climate protection in the server cabinet

In a server rack, it is indispensable that everything functions absolutely trouble-free. Measure and optimise energy consumption, energy distribution and utilisation and save your wallet and the climate. And the SmartPDU can do even more: you can connect electronic rack locks and open them remotely. A DGUV V3 measurement is possible without interruptions in operation: you no longer have to switch off the power as usual, but simply carry out the measurement during operation.

Your entire data centre is secured with just one system

The advantages of KentixONE

  • 100% IoT – local and secure – fully integrated into your IT

  • Information always and everywhere available with app

  • 8-in-1 system for monitoring more than 40 hazards

  • Open interfaces for maximum compatibility

  • Unlimited expandability – even across departments and locations

Access control

Intrusion alarm

Video surveillance

External fault signals

Environmental monitoring

Early fire detection

Power Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Take the security of your data centre into your own hands

Secure your data centre now and stay relaxed in the future. With the Kentix system you enjoy the good feeling that your data centre is safe from serious physical dangers. The system is fully customisable to your needs. You can expand it with all components at any time.

StarterSet for Data Center

With the StarterSet you can start immediately and fully secure a server rack. The set contains all the components you need for this and can be expanded at any time according to your wishes. KentixONE is already installed for a quick start and brings together the components described above (access control, alarming, video surveillance, early fire detection, room climate monitoring and energy measurement) in a clear and intuitive system. This makes physical security for your office very simple and gives you the good feeling of control.

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You need more information?

Contact us or get to know our products in a live demo –
free of charge and without obligation, of course.

Inside Sales Specialist

These companies trust in Kentix