Manual and software download (ONLY for devices from 02/2018)

Manual / Quick Guide

User manual for all devices

AlarmManager-PRO/BASIC, MultiSensors, accessories and Kentix DoorLock

Kentix DoorLock Quick Guide

Software/firmware download

Firmware AlarmManager (ONLY for devices from 02/2018)

Version 06.22.04 – For AlarmManager-BASIC and -PRO (KAM-BASIC / KAM-PRO)
Date: 6. August 2019

Firmware MultiSensor-LAN (ONLY for devices from 02/2018)

Version 06.22.05 – For MultiSensor-LAN and -LAN-RF (KMS-LAN / KMS-LAN-RF)
Date: 6. August 2019

Firmware AccessManager

Version 02.03.03 – For DoorLock AccessManager (KXP-16)
Date: 24. July 2019

Firmware Network Relay Module for IP Wall Reader

Version 02.03.03 – For Network Relay Module (KXP-2)
Date: 24. July 2019
Kentix PowerManager

Firmware PowerManager

Version: 02.01.02
Date: 12. December 2018

SNMP-MIB for integration into network monitoring tools


For AlarmManager-BASIC/PRO, MultiSensor-LAN, AccessManager and Network Relay Module