Not only power failure, voltage fluctuations or unwanted access are potential sources of danger for server racks. Fires that can occur undetected, temperatures that are too high or too low, humidity that is too high and many other environmental parameters also place considerable demands on physical rack protection. Kentix is presenting the all-in-one solution with KentixONE at the e-shelter security stand at Data Center World in Frankfurt am Main: only one system instead of separate isolated solutions, convenient operability, simple installation and a central user interface that brings together all the important information. Thanks to IoT technology, KentixONE and all its components can be used from a single rack to entire data centres. Even distributed infrastructures are no problem.

Come by and experience the Safe Rack with KentixONE, we look forward to seeing you! You will find us on 10 and 11 May at stand C042 (e-shelter security stand).

Read more about Data Centre World here. You can still secure a free admission ticket there until the beginning of May.