Countless Applications

Offices, agencies and
Co-Working Spaces

Industry, production
and warehouse

Distributed infrastructures
(switch boxes, wind turbines)

and mailboxes

This is what makes SmartAccess-NFC so SIMPLE and SAFE

Share permissions the EASY way

With SmartAccess-NFC it is very SIMPLE to flexibly distribute
to all persons, such as employees, customers or service technicians and also to revoke them again.

Via Mail

With SmartAccess-NFC, it is very EASY to flexibly distribute and revoke access authorizations to persons such as employees, customers or service technicians.

Via QR code

You can easily share an access authorization via QR code.The recipient can scan the QR code and get the access directly in his KentixONE app.

Convince yourself of the EASY way of SmartAccess-NFC

SmartAccess-NFC StarterSet

Complete set – ready for immediate use

Everything you need to install your new access solution is included in the scope of delivery. The SmartRelay module already contains the complete software and serves as the connection point for the electronic door handle. Also included are two NFC transponders each for mounting on metal surfaces and for mounting behind glass, wood, or in an intercom system. With the set 2 doors can be controlled and it can be combined and extended with all other Kentix SmartAccess products at any time.


Easy connection thanks to built-in PoE splitter

The SmartRelay is supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet), so only a network cable to the PoE-capable switch is required. So what could be more obvious than to integrate a PoE splitter directly and to take the 24VDC control voltage for door handles, motor locks or magnetic holders from the module. The advantage is obvious, no external power supply is needed and if the PoE switch is supplied by a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), so is the connected door. The door opener is connected either directly or in parallel to the existing one. With a little electrical engineering expertise, this is child’s play.


Simple NFC tags instead of wired door readers

The special feature of SmartAccess-NFC is the use of so-called NFC tags (Near Field Communication). These are passive transponders that do not require a battery and are used to easily identify the door. The advantage, these are supported by most smartphones and save you from opening apps or specific user menus. This makes it really easy, fast and convenient to use. For applications where flexible use and distribution of access rights is required, this is an ideal way to install an inexpensive access system without installing door readers. Above all, without sacrificing professional features such as LDAP, live video integration, REST API and much more.


Kentix SmartAccess-NFC is now available in the store!

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