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Industrial facilities consist of plants, networks and highly sensitive data. If these fail or are manipulated, this always means downtime and costs. In the event of loss or even theft of data, penalties or a serious loss of reputation can also be added.

As a specialist in the holistic and scalable IoT solution for monitoring and protecting business-critical IT infrastructures, we have developed a scalable all-in-one platform that meets the high security requirements in the industrial and logistics sectors. And thanks to our KentixOS operating system, it is easy to install, intuitive to use and highly compatible.

With just one system, you can centrally monitor your entire mission-critical IT infrastructure, even if it is located in different places. And by integrating all our products into our comprehensive, IT-based 360° solution, all trades such as monitoring, access control or video play to their full strengths.

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How to secure your IT from physical threats


Special challenges for
physical IT security in the industry and logistics sector.

Know and master the challenges

Modern industrial plants must never break down, because downtimes cause high costs and considerable damage to the image. Early recognition and direct reporting of dangers are therefore indispensable. This is where an intelligent platform solution pays off. Our SmartMonitoring, for example, integrates seamlessly into the IT landscape of even complex industrial plants and helps to significantly increase plant availability. Relevant requirements such as ISO 27001 are of course fulfilled.

In the logistics industry, the effective management and securing of rooms, areas or warehouses is a central issue. Here, too, modern all-in-one solutions create real competitive advantages. Leading logistics companies already rely on our SmartAccess and SmartMonitoring solution. Thanks to our open KentixOS system architecture, integration into existing logistics applications is simple and straightforward.

Further highlights for the industry

As the basis of all Kentix devices, the in-house operating system combines all settings in the integrated web interface

The status of your Kentix system
always and everywhere at hand

MultiSensor® technology
Monitoring of up to 37 physical hazards such as overtemperature, burglary or fire with only one system

With just a few clicks
to your application

Simply configure online and receive your suitable solution example directly

Whether it’s an all-in-one solution, StarterSet, SmartMonitoring, SmartAcess, SmartPDU or SmartVideo: With our configurator, you can find your application example that perfectly fits your requirements with just a few clicks.

4-factor early fire detection

Detect fires before they start

In most cases, fires in technical systems develop unnoticed over hours or even days.
The MultiSensor-TI combines a variety of different sensors in one device to detect incipient fires at an early stage and thus prevent greater damage.

Customer testimonials

With Kentix MultiSensors, we have 24/7 full visibility of what is going on in our distributed infrastructures.
and can take appropriate measures in good time ifnecessary

Another important argument in favour of Kentix is the simple installation in the distributed locations thanks to the PoE connection, as well as the contemporary integration into our network and into existing systems through the use of current open IP standards.

Tilo Gretzschel, COM-IN Telekommunikations GmbH

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