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There are many good reasons to become a Kentix partner. One of them: the physical IT security of your customers.

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As an IT system house, dealer or integrator, you ensure that your customers’ IT runs smoothly. The protection of business-critical IT infrastructures is one of the most important topics here, such as safeguarding against cyber attacks. But did you know that about 50 % of IT failures are due to physical influences such as fire, weather effects, technical defects and human error?

But did you know that about 50 % of IT failures are due to physical influences such as fire, weather effects, technical defects and human error? This way you can provide complete all-round protection – and expand your business easily and sustainably in the process.

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Are you an IT system house? Are you looking for a reliable system partner for holistic, uncomplicated and scalable solutions in the field of physical IT security? Then our partner shop is exactly the right platform for you to effectively secure your customers’ IT infrastructure.

Double your Business!

Your advantages as a Kentix partner.

As a Kentix partner, you have direct access to over 1,000 innovative products made in Germany in the attractive growth market of physical IT security. With our integrated all-in-one solution based on the AI-supported KentixONE, we ensure that all components can be integrated seamlessly and with just a few clicks into a unified platform – setting new standards in the security of critical IT infrastructures.

What does this mean for you as a Kentix partner? The installation, commissioning and operation of our solution is uncomplicated and intuitive. In addition, we personally support you in continuing your education with our partner programme in the field of physical IT security and in increasing your sales success with our Certified Partner online webinars.

The Kentix Show Truck

We come to you

Book the Kentix Show Truck now for your next visit to your customer. We show on-site how physical enterprise security is established innovatively, efficiently and simply with only one IP system in all critical areas of your infrastructure.

Partner testimonial

Goal of our company is to deliver future proof products to our partners. Kentix perfectly fits our needs. The solutions are developed by IT professionals, meets actual market needs in area of critical infrastructure. It is also very flexible when it comes to offering access control in smart buildings environment. Last but not least its KentixOS the integrated Software. When you can manage one device, you have the skills to use them all.

Daniel Kaminski, smart-i

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Miguel (Inside Sales Specialist)

Our sales team will be happy to help you: with questions about the physical IT security solution or our products. We would also be happy to advise you individually on protecting your infrastructure in a free online demo.