Base for all Kentix systems

Easy Setup. Easy Operation. Easy Deployment.

Systems from Kentix are IT solutions and are characterized by an easy to use web GUI. The basis is our operating system KentixOS, the structure is the same for all system modules.

In all our systems the software for configuration and operation is already integrated. Only a current web browser is required to access the Web GUI – communication is secured via HTTPS. After selecting the language, you can immediately start with the configuration.

Due to the high standardization of the software modules, the use on all our devices is the same, only differences in function use different control elements. As an IT manufacturer, we regularly deliver free software updates. In order to manage these effectively, our devices offer a central distribution of the software.

In addition to the flexible Web GUI, there are also corresponding apps for operation via smartphone. These offer secure and fast remote access via the Kentix360 cloud without complex configuration.

  • LDAP or AD integration

  • SmartAPI – REST API based on JSON

  • WEBHOOKS – Server based events (JSON, XML, CSV)

  • SNMPv2/3 with standardized MIB

  • Automatic backup to SMB or SD card

  • E-mail notification

  • User administration with authorization management

  • Simple update function via Web-GUI

State of the art IoT security

  • Own SSL/TLS certificates

  • Communication via own API keys

  • Fully AES128 encrypted

  • Regular security updates

  • Sabotage monitoring

  • IEEE802.1.X authentication

Slide MultiSensor-TI Kentix AlarmManager-PRO Vorderansicht

What is REST API?

The REST API is a programming interface based on the paradigms and behavior of the World Wide Web (WWW). It has achieved industry standard status and is used by vendors such as AWS, VMware, Azure and many cloud vendors. Kentix systems thus offer completely new integration possibilities and an enormous expansion of the possible applications in digital business models and cloud solutions. Use of the Kentix REST API is free of charge.

What are webhooks?

In addition to the API query via HTTP POST request using JSON objects, so-called webhooks are available for the most important system events such as alarms, bookings and system messages. Webhooks are server-based events for immediate transmission of events. The special feature is that these can be configured as desired and are independent of the data model. These can be either JSON or XML based. The Webhooks are simply created via the software interface (Web-GUI) of the respective devices.