Thermal image 1 Air quality 4 Carbon monoxide (CO) 2 Temperature rise 3 MultiSensor-TI

Detect fires before they start

4 Factor early fire detection
secures IT and Infrastructure

Slide Thermal Image Sensor High preventive effect, very early notification, requires direct view of object Detects thermal hotspots and transmits images for localization 1 Air quality (VOC) Detects rapid changes or deterioration in air quality High preventive effect, very early notification, requires direct view of object 3 Carbon Monoxide (CO) High preventive effect, very early notification, requires direct view of object Very sensitive measurement of the CO content. CO typically diffuses in the room. Measurement from 50 ppm 2 Temperature Heat Sensor Measures the slope of the temperature rise and an upper threshold value (>60°C) Important value for assessing the progress of the fire, no direct view of the object required 4 Fires in technical installations are often (>50%) caused by electrical faults and can have many reasons such as insulation faults, overcurrents or improper maintenance.
In most cases such fires develop over a longer period of hours or even days.
In order to detect the actual fire or even "just a creeping defect" at an early stage, a sensitively responding sensor system optimized for fire parameters is required. The Kentix MultiSensor combines a large number of different sensors in one device, with the aim of detecting as many dangers as possible.
Detect fires before they start The 4 factors in detail The 4 factor early fire detection of the MultiSensor-TI helps you to avoid expensive failures. In addition to fire detection, it also reports many other dangers early on and secures your business.


Kentix MultiSensors can detect many dangers early and help you to operate your infrastructure fail-safe

Air pressure




Slide HTTPS ReST API SNMP E-Mail Systeme von Kentix sind IoT-Lösungen und zeichnen sich durch eine einfach
benutzbare Web-GUI aus. Die Basis ist unser Betriebssystem
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1024 pixels with 40°/90° germanium glass optics

With a resolution of 1024 pixels and the two available viewing angles of 40° or 90°, areas from 0.5 to 50 square meters can be monitored without any problems. The high quality germanium glass optics ensure a low-noise measurement over a distance of 6m.

Compact dimensions, easy mounting

The MultiSensor, measuring only 90x90x45mm, is supplied with a snap-in mounting bracket and cable cover. Ideally, it is mounted on the ceiling or wall.

Power over Ethernet and external connections (system socket)

The sensor is simply integrated into the network via Ethernet with PoE. Configurations are made via HTTPS and the integrated web server. In addition, the MultiSensor has a system port with two inputs/outputs for connecting external peripherals or alarms.

KMS Ports

Color: black or white?

For discreet mounting depending on the application, the MultiSensor is available in black and white. Thus the sensor is hardly noticeable on dark or light surfaces.

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