2401, 2023

When the fire alarm goes off, it is too late

Devastating fires in server rooms occur time and again. Only recently, a fire broke out in the server room of a high-rise office building in Frankfurt. The result: large and expensive property damage and sometimes long IT outages. When conventional fire detectors sound the alarm, it is already too late. Kentix multisensor technology, on the other hand, can detect a fire before it starts. The four-factor early fire detection detects critical signs hours to days in advance. […]

1601, 2023

New licensing model for KentixONE-GO

KentixONE, which runs as embedded software on all networkable Kentix products, is the key to more security through simplicity. We have revised the licence model for the new year in order to be able to offer you more service and more convenience in future, even without an upgrade. […]

1612, 2022

Kentix wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Slowly, the year draws to a close. The days – and nights – become a little quieter, calmer. The air is filled with the scent of biscuits, there is a pleasant smell of fir branches and punch, the snow adds a sugar coating to the landscape. And then it’s Christmas. […]

1011, 2022

Advantages of integral safety solutions to meet EN 50600 requirements

The demands on modern IT infrastructures are increasingly dynamic and require flexible and modular solutions. Demand-oriented concepts and scalable technical approaches play an essential role here. In addition, EN 50600 is the first Europe-wide, cross-national standard that provides comprehensive specifications for the planning, construction, management and operation of a data centre with a holistic approach. These are diverse requirements that can be met through the use of integral security solutions. […]

1412, 2021

Log4J vulnerability – Kentix systems not affected

The critical vulnerability (Log4Shell) in the widely used Java library Log4J leads to an extremely critical threat situation, according to the BSI. The BSI has therefore issued a cyber security warning of red alert level. […]

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