410, 2023

Video surveillance in companies: Principles, legal and physical security with Kentix

The basics of video surveillance in companies Companies face the challenge of protecting their employees, assets and resources from potential threats. In this context, video surveillance plays a crucial role. By using cameras, potential threats can be detected and preventive measures can be taken. But what about the legal aspects? And how can video surveillance be used effectively while ensuring physical security? […]

1409, 2023

Data centre security: with just one system – Kentix

Security goes digital! In today’s digital world, data centre and data centre security is of great importance. With the increasing threat of cybercrime and data breaches, it is more important than ever that companies effectively protect their IT infrastructure. […]

2208, 2023

Security in the office: access control, video surveillance & alarm system

We spend a lot of our time in the office. It’s where we work, meet with clients and discuss important business matters. But how secure is our workplace actually? Access control, video surveillance and alarm systems are important factors to ensure security in the office. We show you what measures you can take to protect your office from break-ins and theft and how modern technologies can help. […]

208, 2023

German Mining Museum Bochum protects its sensitive exhibits with Kentix

They are sensitive and must therefore be particularly carefully protected against outside influences: Many exhibits in museums are susceptible to cold, heat, humidity, dust or light and suffer irreparable damage as a result. The protection of exhibits is therefore of immense importance in order to preserve them for posterity. The objects must be carefully protected against all dangers from the environment. Physical security and monitoring of critical parameters is a major issue for museums and exhibitions. […]

1606, 2023

The multisensor saves football – and also your infrastructure

A nightmare for football fans: The longed-for Bundesliga match begins, but the screen at home remains black. The excitement and anger are great. The reason: too high a temperature in the server room caused the technology to fail and prevented the live broadcast. Such failures could be avoided. Kentix offers solutions to protect critical infrastructures. The Multisensor from Kentix is a true all-rounder.

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