“Double your Business” with Paessler & Kentix

Live webinar on Thursday, 29 June, at 3 p.m.

In this webinar you will learn…

  • … why Kentix is the perfect fit for Paessler-PRTG and how you can use it to grow your business

  • … how you can double the security of your customers AND your business – with no investment and almost no effort.

  • … how your customers can use Kentix environment monitoring, access control and energy management together with Paessler PRTG to significantly increase their security and efficiency

  • … how you only receive qualified leads who really want to buy from you

  • … how you can benefit from the upcoming IT laws

  • … how you can position yourself as a security expert and offer your customers comprehensive all-round security with Kentix and Paessler.

Double the security of your customers – and your own business
Quite simple with Kentix and Paessler: made for each other

From a single server rack to a complete data centre: Comprehensive monitoring is needed to ensure that all components function properly and malfunctions or even failures can be prevented. The more data that is collected, the more reliably the entire system runs. Your customers rely on PRTG monitoring from Paessler to ensure the reliability of their server cabinets and entire data centres.

PRTG alone is not enough: Get to know Kentix as the optimal complement

Although numerous data on availability, power consumption, unused capacities, critical climate factors and much more are collected here, there are areas that PRTG alone cannot capture. The Kentix Multisensor is an optimal addition and the “extended arm” for PRTG. This small device contains highly sensitive sensors that raise the security of your customers to a new level. For example, fires can be detected and prevented hours or even days before they break out. In addition, there is the detection of physical sabotage, air pressure and air quality measurement, to name but a few. Installing the multisensor is child’s play: connect the multisensor via PoE, configure it directly on the device and integrate the data into PRTG via SNMP – that’s all.

Paessler + Kentix = All-round monitored and secured racks

Many Paessler partners have therefore already discovered Kentix as the easiest entry point for monitoring in the server room or rack and have successfully recommended it to their customers. Kentix partners find their way to Paessler in the same way. With the combination of both products, the rack or server room is fully monitored – a good feeling for your customers – and simply more business for you!

There’s even more to it: It’s about Physical Security

Now the rack or server room is fully monitored, but not physically. As before, anyone can enter the room and open the server cabinets. It is not possible to trace who had access where and when. This is where Kentix locking solutions for racks come into their own. Your customers do not need any additional software, because this is always the same for all Kentix products. The rack locks can only be opened by authorised persons. Remote opening, for example for maintenance personnel, is also possible. All access is logged. This means that your customers always have an overview.

Here the circle closes: Optimal energy management and rack lock control in one

With the right energy management, your customers can not only ensure efficient use and utilisation of power resources. The PDU from Kentix not only ensures optimum energy management of all components, it can also be used to control the rack locks – including remote switching of sockets. The fact that the PDU also meets the requirements of residual current measurement is just the cherry on top.

What you get out of the webinar:

  • You understand why Kentix and Paessler go so well together

  • You know how to expand your product portfolio with Kentix at low cost and offer your customers the greatest added value.

  • You know which steps you need to take to position yourself as a security expert for your clients

  • You are able to identify the growth potential for your business

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