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Kentix clears your way for 360° Smart Building Security!

80% of all server rooms are not sufficiently protected against physical threats. Due to new IT security regulations, however, customers will have no choice but to process a changeover within the next years. As an IT system vendor, you already have access to exactly those applications that they will need. For this purpose, Kentix offers you innovative and IT linkable Smart Building Security products for professional users in relation to Environmental Monitoring and Access Control. You can simply connect those to your own Managed Services. Take the chance and invest in the growing Smart Building Security market and seal promising potential sales volumes!

Kentix develops and manufactures IT linkable Smart Building Security products for professional users.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Support in developing a new market, ideal preparation of market
  • Possibility to integrate your own Managed Services
  • Innovative high-quality products for professional users that are already established on the market
  • Margin-friendly and scalable at will
  • Premium technischer Support
  • Quality support with marketing and sales

On the safe side

With Kentix solutions you fulfill regulatory requirements according to the ISO27000 as well as the Data Center Norm EN50600.

Relevant markets:

  • Data center, server room
  • Mission-critical infrastructures
  • Industrial sites
  • Office and administrative rooms
  • Hospital and HealthCare

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Smart Building Security on the rise – join now and secure your competitive advantages!


A current Gartner study¹ shows that Smart Cities are using a total of 1.6 billion interconnected products in the year 2016. Within those Smart Buildings are clearly on the rise: They are leading the list of Smart City categories with 518.1 million interconnected products in the year 2016. The study predicts continuous growth for the coming years.

Especially in regards of increasing interconnectedness, however, the risks for the IT security of Smart Buildings are also growing. Companies and public authorities are more and more dependent on reliable and efficient monitoring solutions; the demand for integrated IT security solutions is continuously increasing according to a poll conducted by Bitkom². As an IT system vendor you are already ideally qualified to offer your customers precisely these all-in-one solutions.

Secure your competitive advantages on a new market with Kentix and expand your portfolio as an IT reseller in the area of Smart Building Security!

¹Source: Gartner Says Smart Cities Will Use 1.6 Billion Connected Things in 2016
²Source: Nachfrage nach IT-Sicherheit wächst kräftig


360° Physical IT Security with just one system – a suitable solution for any application

Fulfill baseline protection and the ISO27001 in your server room and data center

Icon Serverroom

Kentix for the office – maximum security with minimum effort

Icon Office

Avoid liability risks – even for distributed industrial sites

Icon Industry

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Kentix partners buy our products with the following distributors:

Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH

Heisenbergbogen 3
D-85609 Dornach b. München

Physical Security Unit
Phone +49 89 4208 2470
Fax +49 89 4208 2469

sysob IT-Distribution GmbH & Co. KG

Kirchplatz 1
D-93489 Schorndorf

Phone +49 9467 7406-0
Fax +49 9467 7406-290
Contact person: Peter Schneider

You can find a full list of our distributors worldwide here.

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