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Physical security specialist Kentix continues to expand in the field of data center security, focusing on security automation and AI

Idar-Oberstein, 15.07.2021 +++ In the last 10 years, Kentix GmbH has developed into a system provider and managed security provider for physical security of ICT infrastructures and especially for widely distributed IoT infrastructures based on a “zero trust” architecture. Today, these system solutions also reliably secure the ICT systems of many thousands of companies across all industries and sizes, as well as those of institutions and public authorities. “Currently, we are further developing our solutions in the direction of data center automation, analytics and AI, in order to provide data center operators in particular with an intelligent tool for further operational optimization,” says Thomas Fritz, CEO of Kentix GmbH. “Whether edge, colocation – or enterprise data center, our integrated software platform KentixOS offers extreme advantages for the secure operation of critical infrastructures, which include data centers in particular. Here we want to offer our customers significant added value with our security analytics approach. To this end, we have been able to win Gerd Simon, who will support us in an advisory capacity as a strategic advisor.”

Gerd Simon and Thomas Fritz in the new Kentix showroom

“We are an innovative security software company with hardware development and our own production, and our core competence is smart security solutions,“ explains Thomas Fritz, CEO. “We are an innovative security software company with hardware development and our own production, and our core competence is smart security solutions,“ explains Thomas Fritz, CEO. “Our solutions for Smart Access, Smart Monitoring and Smart PDU support the secure decentralization of ICT and thus of data centers, which are just becoming visible through the GAIA-X and Edge developments. Part of the data management will always remain close to the users, but at the same time highly dynamically distributed and meshed. The increasing demand for data centers with centrally monitorable and executable security concepts requires centrally controllable and decentrally executable security concepts that are reporting and audit compliant. Since ICT systems are often implemented in third-party environments, including colocation data centers, it is particularly important there that data center users have the means to manage their security and compliance policies, which today already cover several levels, in an end-to-end manner. However, this is only possible if these are centrally controlled and managed by users, automated and implemented through third-party intervention. It is also important that these concepts can be integrated into existing systems.“ Thomas Fritz places particular emphasis on the fact that the functionality of Kentix solutions is largely determined by software.

Gerd Simon has been a recognized trusted advisor, auditor, and strategy and management consultant for digital business models in the international TMT market for 14 years, a data center and Internet veteran. The graduate industrial engineer supports internationally operating investors and companies in their digital infrastructure investments, e.g. for cloud, hosting or data centers, including the DE-CIX worldwide. Managed security is of central importance here. Gerd Simon says, “Smart security based on zero trust will become critical to success in the coming years. The need for pragmatic, manageable, multi-level security systems is growing. The fewer people are active in the data center and the more is automated, the better. The current data center boom in particular will mean that data center operators and their users will have to coordinate their respective security concepts and compliance guidelines even more intensively in order to be able to establish an audit-proof concept. Thought leaders who establish modular, AI-based solutions that can scale highly provide the necessary basis for this. What customers can already generate and analyze from their multi-layered data lake thanks to Kentix is remarkable. The owner-managed, medium-sized company convinces with an all-in-one solution with the best cost-effectiveness and thus offers everything needed for the physical security of business-critical infrastructures. This includes environmental monitoring, access control systems – including the rack level, power monitoring and IP video surveillance, completely remote controllable and thus centrally monitorable via cloud. This is only possible thanks to state-of-the-art, modular software development, which results in a proprietary KentixOS software platform with SmartAPI and web GUI. This can be effortlessly integrated into any ICT infrastructure, thanks to standardized interfaces, and all from a single source – made in Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate – out of Idar-Oberstein,” summarizes Gerd Simon, “There are few companies that take such a future-proof software approach without technology dead ends. I am looking forward to working with an agile team and many innovations for the DC industry.

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