The no compromises PDU – networking via radio or IP

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Idar-Oberstein, 10. Januar 2019 +++ Kentix GmbH, manufacturer of innovative Smart Building Security products for professional users, has launched a new product line with the Kentix SmartPDU. The SmartPDU provides a fail-safe power supply and, like most of the Kentix products, can be wirelessly integrated into existing IT infrastructure. Of course, a wired installation is also supported.

PDU to the highest standards of electrical engineering
The Kentix SmartPDU was developed in close cooperation with longtime Datacenter customers. The requirements for the PDU were quickly formulated: it had to be robust and simple, as well as equipped with a calibrated measuring technology. At the end of development time, the PDU meets the essential requirements for a robust and fail-safe power supply. In order to guarantee this, the focus was on the most important functions and proven components in the field of power supply and power distribution.

Approved current measurement according to MID
The Kentix SmartPDU is designed as a modular PDU. It has two installation areas for various extensions. There, standardized modules such as SmartMeter and intelligent measuring and safety devices can be installed. This provides a significant advantage of the Kentix SmartPDU. The use of calibrated and approved EN50470-3 (MID) electricity meters for cost-effective customer invoicing in colocation areas. Optionally, leakage current measurement or fine protection can also be installed.

Easily networked via cable and radio
The SmartPDU can be networked via radio, Ethernet or a RS485 BUS and can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The design as a wireless PDU simplifies networking, especially for large data centers. The connection via the proven ZigBee wireless technology offers significant advantages. There are no additional cables to be laid and the PDU does not occupy any of the Ethernet ports. ZigBee offers a stable, encrypted data transmission. Management is handled via the comfortable HTTPS web interface of the Kentix PowerManager. Further integration into management systems is supported via modern interfaces such as SNMP V2 / 3 and JSON.

Press contact: Patrick Becker (, Tel.: +49 6781 562510)

High resolution pictures can be downloaded here (.zip file).

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