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Idar-Oberstein, 30.09.2020 +++

The new DoorLock-RA4 is an advanced mechatronic IoT system component in the Kentix SmartAccess portfolio that does more than just open and close server and data cabinets. It may look like a handle for IT racks and can also do everything an server cabinet door handle must be able to do. But behind it is a well engineered access control system that can be scaled to an unlimited extent, with intelligent software and an app that also allows access via smartphone and smartwatch. In addition, the mechatronic unit of the robust die-cast plastic handle contains an RFID reader for Mifare-DESFire media and a touch-PIN keyboard. As a so-called lifting or folding handle, it takes up less space when opened compared to conventional swivel handles and is more ergonomic to operate. The integration with all important and open system standards with REST-API, LDAP, SNMP V2/3 is easy and the administration is very comfortable thanks to the integrated web interface. A clearly visible LED bar with additional acoustic feedback makes operation doubly safe. Only one PoE-compatible Ethernet port is required for operation.

The special thing is: Only one PoE port supports one central module, which can supply up to 16 handles in bus cabling with standard patch cables. This means that even in large data centres only a few Ethernet ports and addresses are occupied.

The new DoorLock-RA4 with the exact type code KXC-RA4 integrates seamlessly into the existing Kentix system environment and offers all the advantages of 360° infrastructure security including SmartMonitoring and intelligent PDU solutions. Like all Kentix systems, the new rack locking solution is based on the smart KentixOS operating system. An intuitive and sophisticated web interface simplifies commissioning and operation. The decentralised system topology in the manager-satellite network, even across locations, ensures highly secure operation in mission-critical infrastructures.

Ergonomic and compact
Compared to conventional swing handles, the Kentix DoorLock-RA4 is a so-called lift handle. The advantage: The handle allows space-saving and very ergonomic operation. The opening process is very comfortable, as the handle pops up automatically and can be opened with one pull.

Compatible and easy to replace
Due to the standard dimension used (50 mm grid), the handle is already compatible with many rack cabinet types. For producers with proprietary handle mechanisms, such as Rittal, there are corresponding adapter solutions for easy replacement. Replaces the Rittal TS comfort handle for enclosure types TS, TS IT, SE, PC, IW

Secured emergency opening and easy connection
In the event of a power or system failure, the DoorLock-RA4 can be unlocked via a secured emergency opening. The electrical connection is made via an RJ45 socket and standard patch cable. The status of the locking handle and the door (door contact) are monitored by the handle. The door contact is simply plugged on via RJ45, making cabling in the server cabinet very simple.

100% IoT with Smartphone and Smartwatch
The DoorLock-RA4 is equipped with a modular mechatronic unit. Besides the lever actuator, this also contains the complete electronics with a 13.56 MHz RFID reader, based on the Mifare DESFire standard. The RFID reader supports the common encryption and security procedures. With the touch PIN pad, additional security requirements of a two-factor authentication can be implemented. Thanks to the Kentix360 Cloud, the locking system can be controlled from anywhere and at any time, also via smartphone or smartwatch.

Modular system component
Thanks to its modular design, the DoorLock series can be supplied in future with additional modules such as biometric modules or special readers. A significant advantage is that the handle is a further system component that complements the already extensive Kentix SmartAccess modular system. This makes it very easy to integrate complete locking solutions with many doors around the IT infrastructure and over networked locations and to operate them cost-effectively. In addition to the DoorLock-RA4, there is already a product portfolio for almost every door situation, based on radio or Ethernet. The connection with the SmartMonitoring solutions from Kentix is very simple and useful. Automatic arming/disarming of alarm areas is child’s play, as is the automatic opening of rack doors in case of emergency or service.

Process integration with REST-API and Web-Hooks
The integrated software KentixOS offers all important software interfaces such as LDAP, SNMPV2/3, 802.1x NTP, SMB and many more. The integrated web server is accessible via HTTPS and can be set up with your own server certificates. The software integrates all modules for managing the locking units via time authorisation profiles and enables extensive documentation of accesses, even with video images when using IP cameras. A significant advantage, however, is the open REST API with so-called web hooks for event-based communication. This makes integration into higher-level management systems or managed services very easy. Kentix provides the complete documentation online. For example, the LEDs of the DoorLock handles can be controlled by simple commands and can be used as a visual control system for customers or service technicians in the collocation area. Updates to the latest KentixOS versions are available free of charge for registered customers.

Connecting the rack lever directly to the Kentix SmartPDU provides benefits
For Kentix the DoorLock-RA4 is an important system component with many customer benefits. Besides stand-alone use, the handle can also be connected directly to a Kentix SmartPDU. On the one hand, this eliminates the cabling between the racks, and on the other hand, the front and rear door handle of the rack are supplied redundantly via the PDUs. The SmartPDU manages the handle and monitors the door contacts. Only one central AccessManager is then required as additional hardware. This makes integration into a complete access system from Kentix even easier

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