Easy to access on the road

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Idar-Oberstein, June 27, 2018 +++ Kentix, manufacturer of innovative Smart Building Security products for professional users, simplifies the integration of IP video cameras into existing systems and offers users the possibility to view camera recordings on the road.

Kentix systems detect threats early, report them immediately or log authorized and unauthorized access. A video recording simultaneously to the alarms and events enables a fast assessment of critical states even in remote sites. In connection to additional measurement values, it becomes particularly reliable this way.

Kentix systems use the advantage of consistently IP-based systems and can access video data from IP network cameras directly. These are recorded continuously. In case of an event, pictures prior to and after the event can be connected, saved and transmitted. The advantage lies in the synchronic information of measured data and images in one system; thereby, the search in an external video storage is obsolete. In principle, all network cameras that provide the ability to request video images via HTTP / HTTPS are supported.

Example for the integration of popular camera manufacturers are already set on the Kentix website. With the new App for iOs and Android, the video pictures are also available directly in the smartphone as live stream or video recording. The alarm verification is so possible remotely and saves in many cases costs for an on-site task.

It is important to know, that the video footage is saved on the Kentix AlarmManger or AccessPoint and not on an external Cloud. Micro-SD cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB can be used as data storage devices. With these cards it is possible to save hundreds of thousands of video streams.

The following systems support video recording:

  • AlarmManager (KAM-BASIC/PRO)
  • MultiSensor-LAN (KMS-LAN)
  • AccessPoint (KXP-16)
  • IP Wallreader (KXC-WA3-IP1)

Application possibilities:

  • IT engineering rooms, Data Center
  • Remote technology stations
  • Critical production areas
  • Remote storage facilities
  • Depots and warehouses
  • Medicine cabinets
    Office area

Press contact: Patrick Becker (p.becker@kentix.com, Tel.: +49 6781 562510)