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Full 24/7 environmental monitoring solution with instant LTE alerting, fulfills IT compliance

  • Up to 200 MultiSensor-RF
  • Monitored threats: up to 30
  • Web server – App – Kentix360 Cloud
  • SMS – E-mail – SNMP
  • Up to 10 alarm receivers
  • Room monitoring up to 4.000m² / 40.000sqft

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Physical IT security with LTE alerting and 360° monitoring

With the StarterSet-BASIC you will get a complete package for quick entry into the innovative monitoring technology by Kentix.

The StarterSet-BASIC includes everything you need in order to monitor a server room of up to approximately 4.000 sqm: an AlarmManager-BASIC and a radio-linked MultiSensor-RF. The set can be extended with up to 10 additional MultiSensor-RF . An update to the PRO version is also possible afterward, should network-compatible sensors (MultiSensor-LAN) be required for the extension.

We recommend starting each new project with a StarterSet.

Overview of the functions

  • Up to 200 MultiSensors-RF
  • Monitors up to 30 threats
  • Free PC-App for Windows, MacOS or Linux
  • Integrated web-server with intuitive user interface
  • Free smartphone APP (Android, iOS)
  • Full SNMP-V2 Support (MIB)
  • SMS gateway service for network-management-systems (e.g. PRTG, Nagios)
  • Alerting by E-Mail (SSL), LTE (SMS) or SNMP-Trap
  • Server Live-Check Monitoring for 3 devices
  • IP camera trigger

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  • Condition monitoring of IT- and server-rooms, data-center and infastructure
  • Datalogging over months
  • Fault detection
  • Air monitoring of IT rooms and racks
  • Integration into Network Monitoring Systems
  • Monitoring of remote sites


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The dashboard – Current state of the system at a glance

You can check the current state of the entire system on the dashboard. When an alarm has occurred, you will see at a glance where the alarm has gone off and what kind of alarm it is. The alarm zone table shows which areas are armed or disarmed and whether there is a trespassing alarm in the respective zone.

The AlarmManager saves the last two months of the measured climate data – temperature, humidity and dew point – of all connected MultiSensors. These can be viewed in a graph either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

MultiSensor settings – Who will receive alarms and when?

In the ControlCenter, up to 100 users can be defined for the operation and alarming via the Kentix system. You can choose different authorizations for different users which will determine the way a user can operate the system, which alarm zones they can arm/disarm and if and how they will receive alarms.

The configuration of the MultiSensors determines when an alarm is sent. In the setting for “Sensors – devices” all MultiSensors that are connected to the system are being managed. Here you can determine for each measurement value when an alarm will be triggered. Each MultiSensor is identified by a unique name and assigned to an alarm zone so that you can see directly where the alarm occurred.

Kentix360 – The security central for your coat pocket

With the integrated Cloud solution Kentix360 you always have the security state of your system at hand. As the IT administrator you will be informed about all possible threats, thanks to the app even via smartphone or tablet. This way, you can react as quickly as possible and possibly to prevent damages before they occur.  Kentix360 also allows you to arm or disarm alarm zones remotely. Moreover, it reminds you to do routine check ups of the system and regularly scans all system components for functionality.

Content of delivery

  • 1x AlarmManager-BASIC with mounting brackets
  • 1x MultiSensor-RF
  • 1x Modular cable 10m
  • 1x Patch cable 3m
Connectable devicesBuilt-in web-server (HTTP/HTTPS)
AlarmingBuilt-in LTE module for network-redundant alarm messages, e-mail, SNMP
ControllingVia integrated webserver, smartphone APP for iOS and Android
System sizeManagement and control for up to 10 MultiSensor-RF
SNMPSNMP V2 (Read), SNMP Traps
User ManagementUp to 10 user accounts
Server monitoringPING or TCP port check for up to 3 servers
Online ConnectionKentix360 Cloud usable at any time
ExpandabilityEasy upgrade from AlarmManager-BASIC to AlarmManager-PRO possible at any time

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