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The AlarmManager is the control center for all Kentix components.
Here, all information is summarized and then forwarded to the responsible persons via e-mail, SMS or push notification.



A device that detects all important physical hazards. Depending on the version, the MultiSensor can be used in conjunction with an AlarmManager or in stand-alone operation.

IP wall reader

The IP wall reader enables access control via RFID medium or alternatively via PIN entry. Two-factor authentication is also possible.


The ultra-compact MultiSensor-DOOR detects position changes on doors, windows and moving objects including climate monitoring. Simply stick it on and connect it to an AlarmManager.


No more water damage: The leakage sensor reliably alerts you in the event of water ingress and can be networked as required.

More than just a rack handle

The Kentix DoorLock-RA4 is an advanced, mechatronic IoT system component that can do more than just open and close server and data cabinets. It may look like a folding lever for IT racks, and it can also do everything an IT cabinet handle needs to be able to do. But behind it is a sophisticated, infinitely scalable access control system with intelligent software and a smart app that also enables access via smartphone and smartwatch.

Online door handle / door fitting

The wireless lever handle or door fitting complies with almost all European lock standards. The assembly is possible wirelessly without special tools and therefore very easy to perform.

IP Cameras

Cameras can be seamlessly integrated into Kentix systems. Video recording in parallel with alarms and events enables rapid assessment of critical conditions, even in distributed systems.


The Kentix PowerManager manages radio and bus-capable electricity meters. All measured values converge in a web-based interface. Independent limit values for alarming can be defined for each measured value.

SmartPDU Seitenansicht


The SmartPDU series is designed as a modular PDU, based on the highest standards of electrical engineering. Only standardized modules such as smart meters and intelligent measuring and security devices are used. For this, the PDU offers two installation areas for the most diverse expansions.

Whether server room, data center or edge data center – with our system components, IT infrastructures can be monitored with foresight. This ensures a highly available network with maximum reliability.

The all-in-one system from a single source not only eliminates the usual networking problems, the open system also enables almost unlimited scalability – even across worldwide decentralised locations. Additional software is not required, it is already integrated in every product. This ensures easy commissioning and user-friendly management.

With manageable installation and investment costs, Kentix offers everything required for ISO 27001 auditing.


Foresee and avoid IT failures


50% of IT failures have physical causes. Unlike outages caused by software failures, the downtime for physical defects is usually longer and more expensive.

  • 77% of businesses experience one or more IT system failures per year
  • On average, recovery from an IT system failure takes 4 hours
  • 25,000 to 41,000 euros cost IT failures in medium-sized companies

With just a few components, the Kentix MultiSensor® technology detects all major hazards at an early stage and reports them further before costly failures occur.


Kentix MultiSensoren können viele Gefahren frühzeitig erkennen und helfen Ihnen dabei Ihre Infrastruktur ausfallsicher zu betreiben





Identify up to 37 hazards at an early stage

Extinguish before it burns – with just one system (StartSet-PRO) you can detect up to 37 physical hazards before they occur.

Learn which specific hazards can be monitored proactively with Kentix MultiSensor® technology in a free live demo:


Our recommendations for getting started


Security with LTE message centre, expandable to distributed IT rooms



The entry-level solution, network-compatible IT monitoring with only one device

MultiSensor-TI Frontansicht


MultiSensor with thermal image sensor for early fire detection
All information on 4-factor early fire detection

SmartMonitoring in edge-data centres

Telecommunications provider TeliaSonera uses Kentix technology to secure and monitor its own distributed infrastructure.

The system consists of environment and monitoring solutions and provides early warning of fires, leaks and access by unauthorised persons.
Read our success story now


A few clicks
to your application

Simply configure online and receive your suitable solution example directly

Whether it’s an All-in-One solution, StarterSet, SmartMonitoring, SmartAcess, SmartPDU or SmartVideo: With our configurator, you can find your application example that perfectly fits your requirements with just a few clicks.


Access control at every door and rack

The protection of server rooms or data centres against unauthorised access begins at the door. With traditional locking systems, accesses cannot be logged, time-limited or centrally managed. The tricky question: who has access to the data centre and when?

With the Kentix DoorLock® you have full control: With different door opener variants and individually adjustable time-user profiles, you can set up an access solution exactly according to your needs in no time at all.

Unlimited scaling possibilities

With the Kentix AccessManager there are no limits to the number of doors and users. Any number of AccessManagers can be networked to form a system with an infinite number of doors.

Easy management with LDAP, AD and logbook

Using theaccess and time profiles you can define who, when and which doors may open – easily imported and synchronised via LDAP or AD (Active Directory), saving time and costs in access management. Any number of access profiles can be assigned to each user. This creates maximum flexibility even for larger systems – without becoming complicated or confusing.

The access logbook provides an overview of all bookings,including failed bookings (e.g. where authorisation is insufficient).

Intelligent networked protection of IT racks

The DoorLock-RA4 is an advanced mechatronic IoT system component in the Kentix SmartAccess portfolio that does more than just open and close server and data cabinets. It may look like a handle for IT racks and can also do everything an server cabinet door handle must be able to do. But behind it is a well engineered access control system that can be scaled to an unlimited extent, with intelligent software and an app that also allows access via smartphone and smartwatch. You can find out more here.

Our recommendations for getting started

StarterSet DoorLock

LAN radio networkable online access system with video recording

StarterSet DoorLock-RA4

IT and server cabinet handle with relay module
More about the new DoorLock-RA4

IP wall reader with keypad

IP wall reader with integrated PoE splitter and illuminated touch PIN keyboard


Measuring energy and monitoring power supply

A stable power supply is the basis of your IT and company infrastructure. The Kentix SmartPDU allows uninterrupted monitoring and are easy to integrate into your existing system environment. The advantage is on the one hand the flexible choice between different connection and mounting variants and on the other hand the simple IP network integration without external software.

The Kentix SmartPDU is built robust to the highest standards of electrical engineering and guarantees the highest current loads. The measuring technology is MID-calibrated and approved for billing purposes to customers.

  • Power consumption (kWh)

  • Power (A)

  • Voltage (V)

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Power ratings (W, VA, kVar)

  • power factor
  • mains phase failure

The “No compromises SmartPDU” – modular configurable

The new Kentix PDU series has been developed in cooperation with long-standing data centre customers and according to simple specifications. The aim was to develop a PDU that meets the essential requirements of a robust and fail-safe power distribution system. We have fully concentrated on the use of the most proven components from the field of power distribution and have only installed the really important functions. The result is an ultra robust PDU that meets all requirements for current measurement and monitoring and can be managed via state-of-the-art interfaces (SNMP V2/3, JSON).

Our recommendations for getting started

SmartPDU 40HE

SmartPDU to ensure a stable power supply
The SmartPDU in detail

SmartPDU 2HE

SmartPDU to ensure a stable power supply in 19″ format


All Kentix products are networked via KentixOS and are extremely scalable

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